These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by Taylor & Hart #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
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11 Eco Friendly & Ethical Engagement Rings For That Conscious Proposal | Sustainable Fashion

There’s a lot that goes into the decision-making process behind an engagement ring, like style, size, metal, setting, the 4 C’s.

Not to mention the anxiety of whether they’ll yes (or no)! 

But environmental and societal considerations often go under the radar. 

The lives of humans and the planet are both compromised for the sake of mining diamonds and precious metals. While some brands boast “ethical” practices, many simply don’t have the transparent supply chains to back it up. 

In fact, most mainstream jewelry brands are indirectly supporting child labor and environmental degradation (which you can read more on at the bottom of the article).

Not exactly something you want to associate with your profession of love.

Choosing a ring should be like choosing someone we want to spend the rest of our life with. Don’t make that decision lightly.

There are many brands now focusing on both carat-size and the consequences of their actions. 

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter.

When it comes to companies selling ethical engagement rings, we’d say “yes” to anything from MiaDonna because they use recycled materials and conflict-free diamonds. To avoid mining altogether, Clean Origin cuts their diamond using cutting-edge lab-grown technology.

And let’s not forget the metal – Catbird sure isn’t with their use of swoon-worthy fair trade gold.

We referred to our guide on sustainable and ethical jewelry to help us polish this list of brands. Head to the end of the article to see how.  

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  • Taylor & Hart
  • Clean Origin
  • Etsy
  • Vrai
  • Catbird
  • Aurate
  • Great Heights
  • Trumpet & Horn
  • MiaDonna
  • Monique Pean
  • Erica Weiner

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by Taylor & Hart #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
Image by Taylor & Hart

If your heart is absolutely set on a mined diamond, Taylor & Hart is one of the best brands. 

Having grown up in South Africa, the founders have an intimate knowledge of the horrible blood diamond industry in neighboring Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

They write:

“We believe ethical sourcing should be a hygiene factor—something our customers should simply expect from us and not something we differentiate ourselves on alone.”

Taylor & Hart offers a range of the utmost ethical options, from vintage to completely custom ethical engagement rings.

You should look forward to buying diamonds, not dread it, which is why they aim to make the process as effortless (and exciting!) as possible.


For the metals in these bespoke engagement rings, T&H uses either recycled or fair trade non-recycled platinum and gold.

Gemstones choices include hand-selected and conflict-free diamonds (GIA-graded for top tier quality), sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or tourmalines. 

Due to popular requests by their conscious clients, they’re also forging new relationships with sustainable lab-grown diamond suppliers in the US and India.

Supply chain & labor practices:

“Unethical sourcing is the biggest flaw a diamond can have” which is why they source diamonds from countries like Botswana, Russia, and Australia and work with suppliers who go above and beyond Kimberley Process requirements.

Taylor & Hart recognizes the need for transparency through the supply chain, which is why they’ve implemented innovative Blockchain technology to ensure the ethical sourcing of diamonds is backed up in a way where tampering is impossible. 

This Diamond Time Lapse provides a detailed report on the entire diamond journey, including who planned, cut, and polished it.

They also offer CanadaMark diamonds which are fully traceable to Canada and the certification ensures responsible mining, for both the environment and people involved.

Green business practices:

To ensure complete satisfaction and longevity, all rings come with a lifetime warranty, complimentary annual aftercare, resizing, and a 90 day return policy.

Available: Taylor & Hart

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by Clean Origin #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
Image by Clean Origin

Have you thought about letting science help prove your hypothesis that your special someone loves you enough to say yes?

If so, a lab-grown engagement ring might be the ring for you.

No, it’s not something out of a science fiction novel you give to your AI girlfriend. Lab-grown diamonds are just as real as the “real” thing, but they’re so much better sustainably speaking.

Combine the insights of a third-generation jeweler with the modern innovations of lab-grown diamonds and, voila, you get quality and sustainability from Clean Origin.

Because lab-grown diamonds are actually 20-30% cheaper than mined diamonds, they make for both ethical and affordable engagement rings.


Clean Origin designs custom-built engagement rings in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum—all fully recycled and topped with a lab-grown diamond. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Because Clean Origin uses exclusively ethically-produced lab-grown diamonds and recycled metals gold certified by The Responsible Jewellery Council, we know their sourcing policies are ethically sound.

Green business practices:

Many of Clean Origin’s diamond labs use carbon offset programs and they’re in the midst of launching one for their main headquarters. 

They also use eco-friendly recycled paper to ship all of their beautiful diamond rings.

Available: Clean Origin

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by Shop Clementine on Etsy #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
Image by Shop Clementine on Etsy

Etsy is one of the best places to buy anything—and engagement rings are no exception.

If you’re looking for something unique, this is hands-down the best option. 

You just might have to do some extra scrolling. 

Etsy’s range of vintage or other sustainable alternatives to engagement rings is virtually endless. You’ll be able to find nearly any style, metal, and size to meet your requirements. 

When buying on Etsy, be sure to check that there is a flexible refund/exchange policy.

You’ll also want to read as many reviews as possible to ensure you’re working with the best seller.


One of the biggest ticks in the sustainability box is the fact many of the engagement rings on Etsy are secondhand. This means no new mined materials and no dangerous gemstone processing.

For example, Love Always Galicia sells beautiful vintage finds. 

Sellers producing new jewelry often still use recycled or reclaimed materials. 

Shop Clementine, for instance, uses recycled silver, reclaimed gold, conflict-free diamonds and gemstones, and eco-friendly studio practices. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

With some vintage rings dating back hundreds of years, Etsy is the place to look for gemstone engagement rings. 

For others, be sure to read each seller’s sourcing policies, and don’t be afraid to send them a message if their policies aren’t clear. 

Green business practices:

Also check for the use of environmentally-friendly packaging tools (it shouldn’t be too hard to find). Etsy also uses carbon-offset shipping.

Community & charitable giving:

Again, lots of Etsy sellers donate to charity where they can (despite being so small).

Added to the fact that Etsy has lots of social impact projects of its own, your Etsy engagement ring can do more good than you might imagine. 

Available: Etsy

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by Vrai #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
Image by Vrai

Vrai means truth in French and gold in Spanish, and can also be reflected in the brand’s commitment to both quality and transparency. 

Vrai’s simple ethical engagement ring collection combines unique styles and elegant settings to make your love feel like a princess every time they look down at their finger.

Vrai may specialize in classic diamond engagement rings, but there’s one thing no other ethical engagement ring brand on this list can yet claim: using Certified Carbon Neutral diamonds. 


They offer both white and black lab grown diamonds in various stone sizes and cuts.

For setting, they use recycled white, yellow, and pink gold, as well as platinum. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Vrai’s diamonds are grown in America via their partnership with Diamond Foundry—the lab-grown diamond startup backed by technology/diamond-foundry-leonardo-dicaprio/index.html” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener” class=”rank-math-link” a tab noopener>Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Green business practices:

Vrai is the only diamond producer with a zero carbon footprint.

That’s because these diamonds are produced using the zero-emission hydropower of the Columbia River in America’s beautiful Pacific West. 

This also means that their lab-grown diamonds save 250 tons of earth, 120 gallons of water, and 143 pounds of carbon dioxide. 

They send their ethical engagement rings in recyclable, compostable, and reusable packaging and their diamonds are backed by a lifetime warranty

Community & charitable giving:

Vrai has donated to multiple give-back partners over the years, including No Kid Hungry, Equality Now, and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Available: Vrai

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by Catbird #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
Image by Catbird

Bespoke brand Catbird started in a “cheap, busted storefront” that mostly sold clothes, elbow patches, and pretty ribbons.  

While that may sound like strange beginnings for a fine jewelry brand, don’t let that fool you.

One look at their champagne diamond rings in unique and complex settings will leave your love speechless (though hopefully not enough to not say YES!).

In their words: “Our mission is to make beautiful, sparkling jewelry that will bring you joy now through forever. We believe that even very special jewelry can be worn everyday.”

Catbird offers one-of-a-kind sustainable engagement rings that come designed both by other designers or by Catbird themselves.


Catbird’s unique sustainable engagement rings are made of materials like recycled or Fair Trade gold and conflict-free stones.

Most of the gold has been third-party certified to be recycled or fair-mined.

Their diamonds (in white, black, gray, or champagne colors) do better than the Kimberley Process and are either guaranteed conflict-free, lab-grown, or recycled (in the case of brilliant cut diamonds)! 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Joining other responsible jewelers, Catbird is a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and No Dirty Gold

Full traceability of their materials is of the utmost importance, which is why they only carry a small selection of gems, including pearls from a third-generation clean-water practice farm in Hubei Province in China.

One of their core values is to “follow up on the claims made by our suppliers”.

As a woman-owned and operated business, Catbird prides itself upon being that glimpse of sparkle in a jewelry industry generally tarnished by unethical practices and ecological degradation. 

All studio workers benefit from safe and comfortable working conditions, generous employee benefits, professional development opportunities, and fair pay.

They even eat lunch together as a team (of 40 people) every day.

They claim, “The studio is full of #dogsofcatbird, birthday treats, and good vibes. Catbird wouldn’t be Catbird without our Catbird jewelers.”

Community & charitable giving:

Incorporating giving into their business model, Catbird contributed more than $900,000 to their Catbird Giving Fund which supports a range of organizations, including Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU.

Available: Catbird

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by Aurate #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
Image by Aurate

Let’s take a journey back to high school chemistry… remember AU? It’s the chemical symbol for gold.

For Aurate, gold is what jewelry is all about. 

Aurate offers a range of rings, from conflict-free diamond studs to unique designs that you won’t find elsewhere.

For those seeking an ethical minimalist engagement ring, they offer 14K solid gold bands in beautiful designs.  

It just goes to show you don’t need diamonds for a ring to stand out.


Aurate prides themselves on using materials that keep their consciences as clear as their diamonds.

They only use 100% recycled gold and track every single diamond and gemstone to ensure that the mining strictly adheres to the Kimberley Process.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Saying “yes” to both recycled engagement rings and an ethical supply chain, Aurate only works with mines that ensure safe working conditions, offer fair pay, and respect local and indigenous communities.

Green business practices:

Aurate keep non-mining operations local (New York) and recycle any excess materials.

They also design their jewelry with longevity in mind—meaning that ring can be used to pop the question for generations.

Community & charitable giving:

Supporting their local community is also on the priority list for Aurate. They regularly contribute to a local organization that supports literacy and for every purchase, Aurate donates a book.

Recently, they’ve contributed 20% of monthly sales to Black Lives Matter initiatives.

Available: Aurate

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by Great Heights #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
Image by Great Heights

“All yours, never mined.”

That’s what you get in a lab-grown engagement ring by Great Heights.

Avoiding the murky ethics of diamond mining, Great Heights wants to do its part to hold the diamond industry to a higher standard—one that will give fiancees peace of mind.

Plus, with a build-your-own ring option, proposees can truly get the diamond ring of their dreams.

Independently certified for being the highest quality by International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL), they only sell diamonds that are near-perfect color and contain few to no flaws visible to the naked eye.


Great Heights conflict-free engagement rings are made exclusively with lab-grown “above ground” diamonds.

These “real diamonds with honest origins” are molecularly identical to those that come from the ground but are ethically superior.

Metal options include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

While you can be rest assured that the sustainable synthetic diamond engagement rings from Great Heights will be sustainable and conflict-free, we’re unsure about the sourcing of their metals. We’ll contact them directly to inquire.

Green business practices:

To ensure your sweetie really loves their ring and will hang on to it (hopefully) their entire life, they offer complimentary ring resizing within 30 days and a lifetime repair warranty.

Each ring also comes in a compostable paper box (which are the classiest looking boxes we’ve ever seen).

Available: Great Heights

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by Trumpet & Horn #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
Image by Trumpet & Horn

If you’re after a vintage eco friendly engagement ring (but maybe aren’t fortunate enough to have one in the family to pass on), Trumpet & Horn will help you find the perfect pre-loved ring to pop the question. 

Inspired by the stories and looks of times past, Trumpet & Horn offers a range of rare and vintage gems.

Some of their antique conflict-free engagement rings date back to the mid-1800s! 

When it comes to sustainability, there’s no better way to get an earth-mined diamond engagement ring than by getting one that’s 50 or even 100 years old!

Vintage rings mean no additional strain on the environment—plus a super-unique design that will be yours, and yours alone. 


Trumpet & Horn offers conflict-free vintage engagement rings, but they also make their own unique eco friendly engagement rings, too.

These are all crafted with recycled materials, repurposed gemstones from broken jewelry, and conflict-free diamonds. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Trumpet & Horn is a proud member of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) and abides by their strict code of ethics.

Available: Trumpet & Horn

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by MiaDonna #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
Image by MiaDonna

MiaDonna is a social enterprise and to be blunt, their responsible ethical engagement rings are simply stunning (inside and out).

There are stackable, vintage & antique, three stone, solitaire, modern, halo, two-toned, diamond accent, or celebrity-inspired styles and cuts. 

Each ring comes with a Diamond Hybrid® Authentication card from the Global Gemological Lab so you can prove its authenticity. 

If you already have a diamond or stone with sentimental value, they’ll add it into one of their settings for a nominal fee.


MiaDonna only offers 100% conflict-free diamonds and gemstones (either recycled or lab-grown) combined with recycled materials like solid 14k or 18k gold (white, rose, or yellow), pure platinum, or pure palladium.

Supply chain & labor practices:

They write, “In order to ensure the highest level of quality and integrity, we will never go overseas to craft our jewelry.”

Thus this Certified B Corp fully manufactures in the United States in New York and guarantees your ring to be conflict-free.

Green business practices:

MiaDonna partners with One Tree Planted to help offset the carbon emissions generated during shipping. They’ve also worked out a way to recycle all water used in production.

It should come as no surprise that MiaDonna has also been awarded the Green America Seal of Approval for its high environmental and social justice standards. 

Community & charitable giving:

Partnering with The Greener Diamond Foundation, 10% of MiaDonna’s profits fund agricultural, mentorship, educational, and relief programs in communities impacted by diamond mining.

Available: MiaDonna

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by Monique Péan #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
Image by Monique Péan

If you have a little extra money burning a hole in your pocket (or just a whole lot of love in your heart that says #yolo), maybe a high-end engagement ring is in your future fiance’s future. 

For that, check out the ultra-luxurious and sustainably sourced designer rings from Monique Péan.

With styles and features you won’t find anywhere else, Monique Péan offers a fine line of handmade eco friendly engagement rings.

If price is no object and you want to say “yes” to sustainability and stunning beauty, get ready to “ooh and ahh” on their website. 


Monique Péan jewelry makes use of repurposed diamonds and some new ethically sourced diamonds.

The metals used in these unique eco friendly engagement rings are either 18K recycled gold or recycled platinum. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Where newly mined, diamonds are only sourced from participating countries of the Kimberley Process.

Their polishing and production only take place in areas of the world that are conflict-free and have stringent environmental, safety, and labor guidelines. 

Monique Péan is also a supporter of the No Dirty Gold campaign.

Community & charitable giving:

Proceeds over the years have helped provide sanitation and clean drinking water to more than 15,000 people in India, Nepal, Mali, Ethiopia, Haiti, and Malawi.

Available: Monique Péan

These makers of eco friendly and ethical engagement rings show transparency, socially-responsible sourcing, and sustainable materials that make diamonds shine all the brighter. Image by Erica Weiner #ethicalengagementrings #sustainablejungle
Image by Erica Weiner

A historian and an anthropologist walk into a jewelry store… 

Sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s actually how the Erica Weiner brand was born—when two friends turned their love of the arts and human history to an antique jewelry brand.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that comes with a story, look no further than Erica Weiner. 

They travel around the world searching for quirky antique jewelry pieces that are weird, rare, and esoteric, but still well-suited to a contemporary lifestyle. 

Sourcing from iconic eras like the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco, these experts can “accurately identify the age of a piece by studying its hallmarks, construction techniques, historical design and materials”. 

And they share it all!

If your future fiancé is a history buff, they’ll appreciate these rings on many levels.


These genuine vintage engagement rings are sourced just as they are. You never know what wacky materials might turn up in the annals of history! 

In addition to their primary antique range, they design some of their own jewelry using recycled stones and metals whenever possible.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Erica Weiner is made of an all-woman team who personally do all the travel and ring seeking (sounds like a tough job, huh?)

For all their jewelry, vintage or “new” recycled, they obviously can’t trace the diamond or gemstone history. Still, you can feel confident saying recycled diamonds are more environmentally and socially responsible than new. 

Green business practices:

These sustainable vintage engagement rings are designed for long-lasting use. Extending the life expectancy of each piece even further, Erica Weiner offers free repairs for the first year.

Available: Erica Weiner

Diamonds may sparkle like the sun, but the process of extracting them deserves to be buried underground… forever.

The jewelry industry as a whole is rife with tons of ethical and sustainability problems.

The planet sure won’t be happy with your proposal if those 20 carats required the displacement of 250 tons of earth to mine per carat of diamond. 

Add in the air pollution, water contamination, greenhouse gases, biodiversity loss, and just plain waste associated with moving earth for gemstones and precious metals… suddenly that ring is no bling.

Then there’s the social side of things.

Large diamond and metal mines not only destroy the environment around mining communities but often displace entire communities. Imagine losing your home so your lover can show off that huge rock to all her single friends.

The miners, too, get the short end of the stick, being exposed to toxic chemicals like cyanide and mercury daily. 

It should come as no surprise that mines are also very very dangerous places, as shown by the 20% increase in mortality rate among South African diamond miners. Some of whom are children (since around 1 million children are estimated to work in mining operations globally).

You’ll come across the phrase “conflict-free” a lot in this article. That’s because the diamond and precious metals industries are heavily linked to violent conflict and sexual violence in many countries.

As recently as 6 years ago, the government of Angola exterminated civilians lives for control of their diamond mines

One major difficulty the industry faces in getting around these concerns is the near impossibility of gaining full traceability over these long supply chains.

Because jewelry creation contains a host of steps (exploration, mining, sorting, cutting, polishing, crafting, inspecting, and selling), there is a lot of margin for unethical practices that might slip by even the most well-intentioned brands.

But, just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible, as these brands have demonstrated here.

There’s nothing like the shine and sparkle of an engagement ring, but when that glimmer catches your eye, you certainly don’t want it to remind you of environmentally toxic practices or unethical supply chains that make you cringe. 

Like sustainable and ethical fashion, there are various factors that determine just how much the diamond ring sparkles. 

In order to find companies selling ethical engagement rings, we took the following list of criteria and looked for brands that ticked most (if not all) the boxes.


You can’t judge a ring by its sparkle, but you can judge it when you know what it’s made with. Our proposal dreams are filled with some of the most sustainable and ethical materials known to the jewelry world.

We’re talking recycled or fair trade metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) along with vintage, recycled, repurposed, lab-grown, or conflict-free gemstones.

The Kimberley Process serves as a good baseline for ethical engagement rings, but we prefer to see brands take it much further. 

While we didn’t leave brands with mined diamonds out (despite the fears Blood Diamond instilled in us), if you want a guarantee of an ethical diamond, choose a brand with lab-grown diamonds instead. 

Supply chain and labor practices:

Beyond the bling, it’s important to have a supply chain with just as much clarity.

This means safe and comfortable working conditions, employee benefits, fair pay, and opportunities for professional development.

You might be excited to show off your new ring—and we’re excited to see brands show off the certifications that back up their supply chain transparency and conflict-free sourcing channels. 

Green business practices:

Your friends and family are likely to become green with envy when they see your engagement ring—which can be just as green! 

Our eyes light up when we know that a ring has been produced with practices that use renewable energy (like hydropower) or repurpose/recycle materials (namely, water). 

We’re also happy to report that a lot of these brands use local/small supply chains, recycle their excess materials, and use eco friendly packaging. 

And since diamonds are forever, we like seeing lifetime warranties ensuring they truly will be.

Community & charitable giving:

There’s obviously a spirit of giving that comes with ethical engagement rings.

Even more so when that ring comes from a brand that supports their local/global community with initiatives like tree planting or donating to negatively impacted mining communities, charities, and other social/environmental justice organizations. 


You’ll also notice a few brands on the list that specialize in vintage or second hand engagement rings. Used is always better than new and in the case of jewelry, some of the most unique finds are vintage. 

Expressing love and commitment with a ring is so much more meaningful when it doesn’t negatively impact people or the planet. 

May we all say “yes” to increasing awareness around environmental and ethical concerns in the jewelry industry. 

For the best conflict-free engagement rings and most sustainable engagement rings, consider supporting one of these brands who are pioneering conscious proposals and ensuring your love isn’t tainted.

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