3.3 out of 10, according to the Citizens' Convention
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3.3 out of 10, according to the Citizens’ Convention | Climates Changes

Their resentment was no longer in doubt. After months spent, more or less in silence, to the sabotage of their proposals by the government, the members of the Citizen’s Climate Convention have finally been able to respond. During their final and final session, from Friday February 26 to Sunday 28, the feeling of betrayal was palpable, anger overflowing. Asked to comment on how the Head of State had resumed the measures or not, the citizens sent him a verdict as harsh as a slap.

Gathered by videoconference for three days, the citizens subsequently spoke behind their respective screens. The harshness of the digital device didn’t dampen their resolve. Starting Friday morning, they started shooting red balls at the executive. Our measurements have been turned into measuring cups , so Brigitte complained. They came to get us to do a job but in the end our opinions don’t take it into account , Benoît regretted. Thierry, he, denounced a deception , the government despised us . We were pigeons Nicolas added. We have been used as pocket handkerchiefs , Nadine continued.

Everyone has their eyes on the lack of ambition in the climate bill that will be debated at the National Assembly in March. There is deception about the product and I value my words , Claude said. We are disgusted, what it contains is ridiculous compared to what we had proposed Yolande continued. It’s not about being pessimistic or optimistic, it’s about being realistic continued Jean-Pierre. I see the government’s low expectations of itself. It does not live up to its goals. His bill will surely deceive a part of the population but it will not deceive the climate .

On Friday, the citizens played 146 game differences comparing their proposals with those of the government, watered down. After an in-depth examination of several hours, they were able to see that all significant measures had been dropped or revised downwards. Lack of loyalty of the President of the Republic has been identified. Yet he had promised to transmit without filter citizens’ proposals in Parliament or by referendum.

Our work gave birth to a mouse and we cannot be satisfied, Pierre said. Any delay in our commitments rushes us towards climate flight and the end of humanity. It is criminal. There are no compromises .

Government measures will reduce 40 % Shows ? Response average score: 2.5 out of 10.

This is not a sentence but a request for a start

Citizens were invited to a series of votes on Sunday to assess exactly how the Convention’s measures had been considered by the government. The vote turned into a sanction vote. On the six main themes use , to eat , accommodations , move , produce and work , the government never got the average. His grades were around 3/10.

The translation of the emblematic objectives of the Convention was harshly judged: “ Limit the harmful effects of air transport »Achieved an average of 2.8. As a reminder, the government wants to ban air flights if there is a train alternative in less than two and a half hours. The Convention proposed four hours.

The introduction into law of an offense of ecocide , extensively reviewed (and attenuated) by the executive, obtained a score of 2.7 / 10, advertising regulation 2.6. The goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions on motorways and expressways 2.5. Since last June Emmanuel Macron has abandoned the flagship proposal of the Convention which wanted to limit the speed on motorways to 110 kilometers per hour.

About twenty citizens have systematically voted zero. They saw it as the latest tool at their disposal to urge parliamentarians and the government to be more ambitious. This is not a sentence but a request for a start , consider Hubert. However, with these findings, the government is referring to the image of a donkey in terms of ecology. You can always remedy it orally with amendments , Evelyne enjoyed during the debate. Having infantilized the French throughout his five-year term, Emmanuel Macron was put in his place by ordinary citizens drawn by lot.

Emmanuel Macron welcomes the convention on Monday 14 December 2020 at the Palais d’Iéna.

Because we let the big industrialists rule ?

To the general question: What is your assessment of the government taking into account the Citizens’ Convention proposals? ? , the citizens drew the red pen again and gave an average score of 3.3 / 10. The second question, which asked if the government’s decisions allowed approach the reduction target of at least 40 % of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 , members responded more severely: only 2.5 / 10.

At the heart of their speeches, Convention members also insisted on lobbying work. They lived, in acceleration, the violence of V.is Republic plagued by interest groups. They collided with the glass ceiling of the oligarchy and experienced it with bitterness. Medef and the auditing firms stabbed us in the back , Sylvain judged with hindsight. Because we let the big industrialists rule ? Gregory asked. I am an electrician. If I set your house on fire, you fire me too, so why don’t we do the same ? These are people, there are criminals. They destroy our common future .

According to Samyr, the Citizens’ Convention should allow for a new approach. But his unconvinced conclusion is revealing the democratic crisis . “ The money filter triumphed , for Murielle. This is a bad sign that still risks fueling distrust of politics , Mickaël worried.

In the future, Convention members would like to reproduce the experience, but would like it to be better legally defined to avoid disappointment. Until then, they all brag about the individual metamorphosis they have experienced in these eighteen months. A rich experience that changes life : I don’t know about you, but I’m now reading the breakfast bills on Sunday morning Mélanie said smiling. She also became mayor of her small village in Sarthe.

The last session draws to a close, the members of the Convention do not seem to want to leave each other. We have all become soldiers in the fight against global warming Pierre explained. For Claire, that’s all. Today there are 150 angry Frenchmen who have become climate activists. Emmanuel Macron made 150 citizens who will not vote for him in 2022 “.

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Source: Gaspard d’Allens for Reporter

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. M. Macron in December 2020: © Thibault Camus /POOL/AFP


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