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5 Necessities Before You Can Be A Patriot!

There is, perhaps, little, which is more divisive, and/ or, distracting, than our tendency to label, politicians, and political ideologies, using some sort of broad – stroke! We recently witnessed, a mob, referring to themselves, as patriots, illegally, break – into the Capitol, in a violent, destructive way, declaring they were patriots, because they supported, and agreed with the positions, rhetoric, and apparent prejudices, of President Trump, and bought – into his false statements, declaring with no evidence, the elections were rigged (apparently, merely, because, Trump lost). He took his case, to over 60 Courts, and his Justice Department, examined the elections, and, unanimously, declared, the elections, were, predominantly, fair, and legal. However, in an apparent effort, to remain in office, he took to Social Media, making a variety of statements, full of, vitriol, and his own version of fake facts, and his core supporters, continued, believing, and following him, When he declared, they should take their demands, to the Capitol, there were enough people, in that group, who proceeded, in an illegal, violent manner! Simply, calling yourself, a patriot, doesn’t make you one, because, there are several necessities, for being one! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 of these.

1. Constitution; Constitutional guarantees: True patriots, must, consistently, put our Constitution, and all its guarantees, ahead of any personal/ political agenda, and/ or self – interest! You cannot enter a Federal building, carrying, symbols of hatred and bigotry, such as anti – semitic chants, and shirts, as well as Confederate flags, It seems, many of these people, became enabled, because, President Trump’s rhetoric, encouraged them, to use a convenient interpretation, of this term, of patriotism!

2. All rights/ Not selective: The Constitution never said, it is okay, to, selectively, choose, which rights, and freedoms, to defend, how to interpret others, and which, to ignore, and/ or, minimize!

3. Voting should be a responsibility, not just, a right: This past election, we witnessed, one of the highest turnouts, in our history! It seemed, many, weren’t voting, for, something, but against! Biden benefited, from anti – Trump. voters, while, many of this President’s core supporters, sought to reelect him, because, they believed, he would share, their, somewhat – prejudiced, vision, of America!

4. Respect the greater good: Anyone, can possess, whatever, political views, and preferences, they desire, but, a true – Patriot, would, always, protect, and respect, the greater good, and the right, of every American, to their own perspective, etc! Patriotism means seeking a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good!

5. Fact – find/ relevant, sustainable, and not, just, populist: Instead of, blindly, believing, what we’re told, by, either a politician, and/ or, the media, everyone needs to carefully, fact – find, examining the raw data, rather than someone else’s interpretation! This must be, relevant, and sustainable, rather, than, merely, populist!

We would benefit, from true Patriotism, rather than, simply, some, who, declare themselves, as being, Patriot! Wake up, America, and demand, better!

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