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7 Doggone Sustainable And Eco Friendly Dog Beds | Sustainable Fashion

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We’d like to momentarily paws our articles on human stuff and transition to canines. 


As we discovered in attempting to turn our pooch into a zero waste dog, the impact of our pets is probably bigger than most of us think. 

We’ve already looked at eco friendly dog collars and dog toys, so now we’re turning our attention to greenify what they do in between playtime. 

But why so doggone crazy about sustainable dog beds? 

First of all, dogs spend 12-14 hours sleeping every day (lucky little pups) so we want to make sure what they’re sleeping on is safe. 

Second, dog beds can get destroyed… a lot… so it’s important to have durable beds that have a low impact on the environment when they ultimately need to be disposed of.

Happily, we’re not the only ones wanting to provide a comfortable and sustainable place for our pups to curl up and adorably bark mid-dream. 

For simplicity and safety, see the organic hemp pet beds from Hemp Organic Life. Re-Mat is an up and coming brand adopting circular economy principles to recycle old mattresses into doggie beds. Molly Mutt takes a unique and innovative approach to eco friendly dog beds—because theirs can be stuffed with our old clothes! 

Sounds like yet another answer to the question we posed about what to do with old clothes.

Paw your way to the end of the article to see how we dug up these bone-licking brands.

  • OMI
  • Hemp Organic Life
  • Brentwood Home
  • Molly Mutt
  • Essentia
  • The Futon Shop
  • Re-Mat

Don’t go barking up the wrong tree next time you come <a href=home to the messy fluff strewn about the house. Instead take a look at our list of eco friendly dog beds… Image by OMI #ecofriendlydogbeds #sustainable jungle” class=”wp-image-3023066″ width=”300″ height=”450″ >
Image by OMI

OMI stands for Organic Mattresses, Inc.

The beds come in three sizes and have the option to add a removable cover and pillow insert. 

Made with some of the most sustainable and healthy raw materials available, they guarantee “the purest night sleep for our furry friends.” 

The GOTS-certified organic cotton canvas and natural rubber ring filling make for a durable and biodegradable bed we’d call one of the best eco friendly dog beds made in the USA.

OMI produces luxury mattresses and bedding products made with certified organic and sustainable raw materials.

They’ve been leading the organic mattress market for almost two decades, providing sleepers (both human and animal) with pure, natural, and healthy products.

In fact, they were the first mattress manufacturer in the United States to offer GOTS-certified products and the first to be certified by GOLS and Greenguard Gold. 

They have two manufacturing locations in some of America’s most environmentally conscious states— California and Colorado.

Available: EarthHero

Don’t go barking up the wrong tree next time you come <a href=home to the messy fluff strewn about the house. Instead take a look at our list of eco friendly dog beds… Image by Hemp Organic Life #ecofriendlydogbeds #sustainable jungle” class=”wp-image-3023064″ width=”300″ height=”450″ >
Image by Hemp Organic Life

Hemp Organic Life specializes in sleeping bags, mattress covers, pillows, and yoga and meditation products, but humans aren’t the only customers in mind.

Small and large dogs (and cats!) alike will get a comfortable and eco-conscious night’s sleep with one of Hemp Organic Life’s several organic eco friendly dog beds and mats. 

There are a few different styles and sizes, but a few things remain consistent: the beds are made from a combination of hemp, wool, and non-dyed linen fabric.

Some have an additional hemp filler made of organically grown hemp (though not certified as hemp has no organic certification yet). 

This combination of naturally antimicrobial and temperature regulating fabrics keeps pets comfortable any time of the year and minimizes odor and harmful bacteria. 

It also makes for a totally biodegradable product so don’t feel too much eco-guilt if your teething puppy just can’t help himself.

Hemp Organic Life provides the world with quality and unique hemp home products. 

Founder Alina Zhuravska was inspired by her newborn daughter and the motto “breathe the nature” to develop products made from natural and non-toxic materials. 

The company has a small US-based workshop and employs only four seamstresses. While small, the brand has been doggone successful on Etsy with more than 5,500 sales and an abundance of positive reviews. 

Available: Etsy

Don’t go barking up the wrong tree next time you come <a href=home to the messy fluff strewn about the house. Instead take a look at our list of eco friendly dog beds… Image by Brentwood Home #ecofriendlydogbeds #sustainable jungle” class=”wp-image-3023243″ width=”300″ height=”450″ >
Image by Brentwood Home

Man’s Best Friend should be considered part of the family, and as such, they should have the same access to sustainable sleep that we do. 

For eco friendly dog beds made in California, it’s hard to do better than the beds from Brentwood Homes.

Whether you’ve got a Shih-Tzu or a Mastiff, you can support them with a healthy sleep thanks to Brentwood Homes’ therapeutic pet beds in every size. 

These non toxic eco friendly dog beds are easy to clean, waterproof, and look beautiful in any home.

They currently have two different styles (one with more orthopedic support) made of high quality and non-toxic materials including CertiPUR-US supportive foam. 

While they’re built to hold up against digging and bed-wrestling, the safe materials won’t present any major issues if (or rather when) your precious pup decides to chew on it. 

The furniture-grade cover is durable and removable for easy washing. Replacement covers are also available for purchase, so you don’t need to throw away the whole bed because of a few holes.

What’s that they say about pet owners beginning to look and act like their pets?

It must be true because Brentwood Home makes one of our favorite sustainable mattresses for humans, too. 

In fact, they were one of the first brands to revolutionize how we sleep, transitioning from toxic chemicals to organic, vegan, and natural materials instead. Their hybrid latex mattress, for instance, is made from recycled water bottles and upcycled denim(!).

Innovating nap time for huskies and humans alike.

All dogs go to heaven, your pup’s Brentwood bed has a little extra angelic goodness. They also plant three trees for every mattress sold through their partnership with the National Forest Foundation and donate relief beds for people who have experienced disasters or poverty. 

Available: Brentwood Home

Don’t go barking up the wrong tree next time you come <a href=home to the messy fluff strewn about the house. Instead take a look at our list of eco friendly dog beds… Image by Molly Mutt #ecofriendlydogbeds #sustainable jungle” class=”wp-image-3023244″ width=”300″ height=”450″ >
Image by Molly Mutt

If it’s got the word “mutt” in it, it must be good.  

Molly Mutt has several different sustainable and eco-friendly dog beds to choose from and promises all are “the dog beds dogs love™”.

Offering something different, their dog beds are really just shells that can be filled with old clothes or pillows from home. What a great way to save waste and keep stuff out of landfills!

If you don’t want to DIY fill the dog bed, you can instead order a natural wool-filled insert. Additionally, they also offer the option to add a water-resistant liner (though it’s the least eco friendly of the options).

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll get a dog bed made from 100% cotton canvas that is also durable, breathable, washable, and pre-shrunk. 

To match any home and any dog’s personality, there are dozens of patterns to choose from. 

They even sell a compatible elevated dog bed frame. Now that’s taking the best eco friendly dog beds to the next level!

Molly Mutt’s story began with a young woman, three dirty dogs, and too many trips to the laundromat to clean dirty dog beds. Co-founder Molly was tired of hauling big loads to the laundromat—so she created dog bed duvet covers.

Worse than having to wash is having to throw away a destroyed bed. This just adds to the horrifying fact that one garbage truck worth of usable textiles is burned or landfilled every single second. Because of Molly Mutt’s innovative approach to dog beds, they’re helping reduce this statistic.

In addition to dog beds, they sell car seat covers and protective padding for crates.

Everything is made and designed in Oakland, California.

Available: Amazon

Don’t go barking up the wrong tree next time you come <a href=home to the messy fluff strewn about the house. Instead take a look at our list of eco friendly dog beds… Image by Essentia #ecofriendlydogbeds #sustainable jungle” class=”wp-image-3023063″ width=”300″ height=”450″ >
Image by Essentia

According to the brand themselves, Essentia takes luxury dog beds to a “whole new level”. 

Levels of sustainable fabrics, that is.

These sustainable eco friendly dog beds are made of a mix of three types of shredded foam, including their natural memory foam and natural latex foam.

This not only provides supreme comfort, but also breathability, pressure relief, and durability. 

They’re covered in a removable cotton cover that’s all-natural, adhesive-free, and safe, backed up by GOLS, ISO, and Beyond Organic. 

Essentia is on a mission to use sleep as a way to effortlessly spread health and wellness

15 years ago, they accomplished this by creating the only pressure relief and posture support mattress that didn’t off-gas. Today, they offer the world’s only natural memory foam mattress. 

Everything from Essentia is handmade in a GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory in Canada. Because it’s sold directly to consumers (AKA no middleman), expect affordable prices.

Available: Essentia

Don’t go barking up the wrong tree next time you come <a href=home to the messy fluff strewn about the house. Instead take a look at our list of eco friendly dog beds… Image by The Futon Shop #ecofriendlydogbeds #sustainable jungle” class=”wp-image-3023057″ width=”300″ height=”450″ >
Image by The Futon Shop

Don’t you just love how simple futons are? 

One minute it’s a couch, the next it’s a bed! Easier than playing the next episode with Netflix’s autoplay.

The Futon Shop makes environmentally friendly dog beds that are just as simple.

The filling makes these dog beds a more sustainable choice: choose from a combination of pure latex core combined with natural wool (raised humanely in the USA), organic cotton filling, natural coconut fiber coir (with a 20-year life expectancy to boot!) combined with natural wool or 100% natural wool. 

The removable covers are made from water resistant, durable Outdura fabric. These covers are made from 100% Dolan solution dyed acrylic fiber. Less sustainable than compostable fibers like organic cotton and hemp however the focus on durability ensures a longer life. 

Three sizes are available, as well as several different color options. 

The Futon Shop is a well-respected leader in the world of chemical-free and natural furniture. They use some of the highest standards of craftsmanship and pride themselves on their transparent practices and commitment to contributing to healthy homes and a healthy planet.

They’ve also got several certifications, including USDA-certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic wool, GOLS certified organic latex, and OEKO-TEX certified coconut coir—to name just a few.

Plus, their products are locally made in the USA without chemicals!

Not only do they give back to our planet via 1% for the Planet, but they also donate a portion of proceeds from their face mask sales to a range of initiatives supporting the homeless, Native Americans, Bangladesh Awaj foundation workers, and frontline workers. 

Available: The Futon Shop

Don’t go barking up the wrong tree next time you come <a href=home to the messy fluff strewn about the house. Instead take a look at our list of eco friendly dog beds… Image by Re-Mat #ecofriendlydogbeds #sustainable jungle” class=”wp-image-3023068″ width=”300″ height=”450″ >
Image by Re-Mat

What are Re-Mat’s sustainable dog beds made with?

Recycled memory foam mattresses!

Each pet bed is made with 100% recycled materials from mattresses that Re-Mat recovers. They’re also water-resistant, easy to clean, and easy to recycle. 

Here’s another statistic we like: 80% of each mattress that Re-Mat recovers is repurposed into new dog beds.  This significantly reduces the materials contributing to the 132,000 square miles of landfill space occupied by mattresses.

Each dog bed is handmade in San Antonio, Texas by a small team. 

These sustainable pet mats come in 5 different sizes, most of which fit easily into a car for the next time you and Charlie want to channel your inner Steinbeck. 

Re-Mat is a little different than the other brands on this list. They’re a nonprofit driven by diverting old mattresses from landfills. They’re also on a mission to make the best eco friendly pet bed ever. 

They’ve started out recycling human mattresses, but have plans in the pipeline to recycle pet products, too. 

That’s all great, but it gets even better. Since 2017, they’ve employed disenfranchised folks to minimize some of the barriers to employment. 

As if our tails couldn’t wag any harder, they donate a portion of their proceeds to a local Humane Society.

Love what they’re doing? You can help support their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. 

Available: Re-Mat

The process of finding these eco friendly dog beds brands wasn’t too ruff, thanks to our go-to sustainable and ethical fashion criteria. If the “fashion” part leaves you cocking your head to the side, just think of a dog bed as fashion for your home.


Not only do you want to provide a safe bed for your dog to rest his/her head, but considering the fact that “breakfast in bed” may take on another meaning when your doggo decides to chow down on his pillow, non-toxic materials are even more important. 

Claims of non-toxic and safe materials were the baseline for forming this list. Beyond that, we looked for eco friendly and natural materials like conventional and organic cotton, hemp, wool, latex, and rubber (always better when these are backed up by certifications). 

We also were happy to see some unique materials like organic coconut coir and recycled mattress materials and recycled clothes from our closets! 

Although you might be tempted to provide your dog with a luxurious night’s sleep on memory foam, do remember that memory foam is still made with components (like polyurethane) that aren’t great for our planet. The natural alternatives on this list are better for a product that may need replacing somewhat often (though hopefully not with the added durability of some).

  • Certifications: CertiPUR, USDA, OEKO-TEX, GOLS, GOTS, Greenguard Gold, Beyond Organic

Supply chain and labor practices:

We don’t want brands that are all bark and no bite. Show us those canines by way of certifications and transparent practices.  Unfortunately, we’ll have to keep sniffing out some of these supply chains because most brands didn’t really e-labradore-ate on their practices. 

However, we did notice many brands keeping their supply chains local and working in small teams. Because these brands are using non-toxic materials, we know their manufacturing practices are safer for workers. 

Green business practices:

Small, local supply chains are typically better from an environmental standpoint, along with using recycled and non-toxic materials. 

But more than anything, we just want to know our dog bed is going to last through next’s Fourth of July’s panic-induced rampage. Durability was a big focus with these brands, though some brands also designed sustainable dog beds that are easy to recycle… just in case.  

Community & charitable giving:

As these brands fetch more profits, we’re sure they’ll start to give back more. Extra treats to the few brands not letting their small size get in the way of giving back.

Don’t go barking up the wrong tree next time you come home to synthetic dog bed fluff strewn about the house.

Instead, consider an environmentally friendly dog bed for your canine.

A bed not only designed to be healthy for your best friend but also one that won’t chew up the planet. That said, only buy a new sustainable dog bed when it’s needed—not just to celebrate Fido’s third birthday.

With a little leash training and an emerging world of eco friendly pet products, you can have the most planet-friendly pup at the dog park!

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