A good night's sleep can’t be guaranteed but we can help you find peace of mind in other ways... like organic baby blankets! Image by Coyuchi #organicbabyblankets #sustainablejungle
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7 Organic Baby Blankets For Conscious Comfort—Even on Sleepless Nights | Sustainable Fashion

With a new baby, who doesn’t understand the concept of a sleep schedule…

While a good night’s sleep is never a guarantee, we can help you find peace of mind in other ways. Like ensuring your precious bundle is swaddled in the right stuff, i.e. organic baby blankets

Sure synthetic fabrics might be great for a manufacturer’s bottom line, but wrapping your baby in them isn’t the healthiest choice.

A baby is at greater risk of absorbing residual pesticides and insecticides because their skin is thinner and more porous than an adult’s. 

Even conventional cotton—if it isn’t backed up with safety certifications like Parachute offers—is associated with agricultural and manufacturing chemicals. 

For baby’s comfort and yours, organic and sustainable baby blankets are absolutely the way to go.

Coyuchi, as usual, delivers GOTS certified luxury organic baby blankets backed up with a circular second home program. Finn + Emma prevent parental tossing and turning with the cutest animal organic baby blankets and their transparent supply chain. 

Cozy up in your own adult-size fair trade blanket and scroll your way to the end for our considerations in finding the best organic baby blankets. 

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  • Coyuchi
  • Finn + Emma
  • Loulou Lollipop
  • Parachute
  • Sugar & Plum
  • Burt’s Bees Baby
  • Jazzy Organics

A good night's sleep can’t be guaranteed but we can help you find peace of mind in other ways... like organic baby blankets! Image by Coyuchi #organicbabyblankets #sustainablejungle
Image by Coyuchi

Coochie, coochie, Coyuchi.

This brand always has us going “goo goo ga ga” when it comes to sleep needs.

While they (like us) also can’t guarantee your sleep as a new parent, they can provide you with comfy linen sheets, an organic comforter, and a cozy robe that is true postpartum bliss.

The Californian company will also help with your baby’s sleep needs. 

They’ve got several different organic baby blankets, including an organic baby receiving blanket, a quilted baby blanket, and a blanket + beanie set.

All are available in a few different color options.


Coyuchi’s blankets are made with 100% organic cotton. They’re pre-shrunk to retain shape and are durable enough to last year after year and wash after wash… 

Giving new parents some additional peace of mind, the blankets are Made Safe certified, ensuring they’re free of more than 6,500 ingredients shown to be toxic for humans and our environment. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Most of the organic cotton is grown and processed in India. Some blankets, however, are made with African cotton woven in Portugal.

You can find which is which in each product description. 

The Coyuchi supply chain is backed up by certifications from GOTS and, in some cases, Fair Trade.

Green business practices:

As a member of the Textile Exchange, Coyuchi goes the extra mile to be green. 

The blankets will come in a reusable organic cotton bag and some manufacturing partners use a process that recycles 98% of their wastewater.  

They also have a circular economy program called 2nd Home Take Back, which accepts used Coyuchi linens to be recycled into new products. 

So far, they’ve been able to prevent around 85,000 pounds of valuable materials from ending up in landfills.  

Community & charitable giving:

Coyuchi isn’t coy about saving our planet, which is why they’re a donating member of 1% for the Planet.  

Specifically, they give back to Fibershed, an organization that uses carbon-neutral farming to absorb more CO2 and create healthier soils. Now those “Climate Beneficial” gloves and scarves.

Available: Coyuchi

A good night's sleep can’t be guaranteed but we can help you find peace of mind in other ways... like organic baby blankets! Image by Finn + Emma #organicbabyblankets #sustainablejungle
Image by Finn + Emma

Your new addition to the family is 100% organically grown and Finn + Emma believes in baby essentials that are also 100% organic! 

In our opinion, this female-founded brand makes some of the best organic baby blankets for parents who want nothing but clean materials for their baby.

For new moms and our shared mother (earth), Finn + Emma’s selection of clothing, toys, and all organic baby swaddle blankets simply can’t be beat.


Wrap up your sweet cherub in a single-layer swaddling blanket made with 100% GOTS certified and heirloom-quality organic cotton. It’s dyed with only non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The blankets are ethically made in India, and both the manufacturing and farming partners receive fair trade conditions and pay. 

Run by a mostly-woman team, Finn + Emma prioritizes partnering with women artisans, as they view empowerment as one of the best ways to support social and economic wellbeing for disenfranchised communities. 

Green business practices:

Finn + Emma’s products are free of all chemicals such as PVC, acrylic, esters, and petrochemicals. 

This means a clean crib AND a clean planet because their manufacturing isn’t contributing to the serious levels of water pollution associated with the textile industry.

Available: Finn + Emma

A good night's sleep can’t be guaranteed but we can help you find peace of mind in other ways... like organic baby blankets! Image by Loulou Lollipop #organicbabyblankets #sustainablejungle
Image by Loulou Lollipop

Loulou Lollipop harnesses a baby-like curiosity to create products inspired by nature and made with an uncompromising commitment to safe and high-quality materials. 

As fearless pioneers in the world of better baby products, twin sisters Eleanor and Angel started by creating silicone teethers.

Now, the Canadian brand has a range of things for little ones—bibs, bath time and bedtime essentials, apparel, and affordable organic baby blankets.   

Available in adorable, unisex prints, these include swaddling (muslin) blankets, security blankets, and quilts.


All of Loulou Lollipop’s blankets are super adorable, gentle, soft, and snuggly, but only some are made with organic materials.

Our sustainable faves are those made of the stretch knit TENCEL lyocell and organic cotton blend.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The organic muslin baby blankets and quilts are made in an OEKO-TEX certified factory. We’ll get in touch with them to hopefully find out some specifics about their ethical manufacturing policies.  

Green business practices:

You can feel better about wrapping up your little angel in a blanket that’s been made with AZO-free dyes and digital printing that requires less energy and water than screen printing.

Available: Loulou Lollipop

A good night's sleep can’t be guaranteed but we can help you find peace of mind in other ways... like organic baby blankets! Image by Parachute #organicbabyblankets #sustainablejungle
Image by Parachute

If anyone knows that a good night’s sleep can be a lifesaver, it’s a new parent—and the brand Parachute

Parachute makes some of our fave full-grown-human blankets, mattress protectors, and sheets, but they carry some pretty swell swaddlers for little ones, too.

This includes linen crib sheets, quilts, and waffle knit blankets.

In soft colors and even softer fabrics, you’re sure to find something snuggly to go in the baby’s room. 


While not technically organic, the use of 100% long-staple Turkish cotton comes close. The premium fabric is naturally dyed, toxin-free, and a great way to provide some non-toxic comfort during a stroller ride. 

Parachute’s sustainable baby blankets come with a OEKO-TEX certification, one of the best standards when it comes to protecting workers and the environment from toxins at the factory level.

Personally, we’d stick with the Turkish cotton blankets and avoid the cashmere. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

You might be tossing and turning at night—but not because of a lack of transparency. Parachute shares details about where all of their products are made. 

Their baby blankets are made in a family-owned factory in Portugal—watch their video documenting some of the process. 

Green business practices:

You’ll receive the sustainable baby blanket in a shipping mailer composed of 80% recycled content. Stay tuned for better packaging, something Parachute is currently working on.  

Community & charitable giving:

Parachute extends a lifesaving parachute in a few ways. First, they donate to the Nothing but Nets campaign, which helps people in areas affected by malaria. 

They also partner with budding Black entrepreneurs in their Home for Dreams Initiative.

Dedicated to addressing some of the social injustices in the business world, they provide education, mentorship, training, and business grants.

Available: Parachute

A good night's sleep can’t be guaranteed but we can help you find peace of mind in other ways... like organic baby blankets! Image by Sugar & Plum #organicbabyblankets #sustainablejungle
Image by Sugar & Plum

Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, Sugar & Plum is one of the most adorable Etsy shops.

With thousands of sales, it’s safe to say we’re not the only ones who think so. 

They’ve got all of the beautiful baby must-haves—headbands, shorties, leggings, onesies, and organic baby blankets made in the USA.

These “swaddles” come in an array of beautiful solid prints.


Buttery soft and GOTS-certified organic cotton is the only material coming in contact with your baby. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The blankets are handmade right in their studio. We’ll be reaching out to learn where they source their organic cotton.

Green business practices:

Everything ordered from Sugar & Plum’s Etsy store is sent using carbon-neutral shipping as part of Etsy’s carbon offset shipping policy.

Available: Sugar & Plum

A good night's sleep can’t be guaranteed but we can help you find peace of mind in other ways... like organic baby blankets! Image by Burt's Bees #organicbabyblankets #sustainablejungle
Image by Burt’s Bees

We can’t keep our lips sealed about Burt’s Bees—and we’re not just referring to their lip balm. 

This new Baby offshoot of the brand applies the same practices of high quality, natural ingredients and sustainable manufacturing. 

Now you can become the Beekeeper to your bundle of joy, with their wearable blanket recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  

For something more conventional, they’ve also got a few reversible quilts, thermal blankets, and muslin swaddling cloths (which come in lovely patterned sets of three).


No matter which Burt’s Bees blanket you choose, your baby will sleep (or scream) the night away in one of the most sustainable fabrics around—100% organic cotton. 

Theirs is GOTS-certified and won’t cost the earth (or an arm and a leg). 

Supply chain & labor practices:

That GOTS certification covers the entire supply chain, ensuring high standards for workers and the environment. 

Their supply chain is also backed up by ILO standards to cover all the ethical manufacturing bases: no child/forced labor, decent working conditions and no abuse.

Green business practices:

Dreams of butterflies and ladybugs are accompanied by real butterflies and ladybugs (and subsequently healthy biodiversity)—thanks to Burt’s Bees’ use of low-impact chemicals and techniques that save water. 


When we looked at affordable organic baby clothes, we were impressed to see that the brand has a gender-neutral range. 

For wallet-based inclusivity, the company also offers a few discounts (including 10% off for new customers). 

Community & charitable giving:

Burt’s Bees Baby and their team regularly help out with beach clean-ups and other community volunteering days. 

They also have a Baby Bee Box starter kit, a portion of these sales goes to Save the Children.

Available: Burt’s Bees Baby

A good night's sleep can’t be guaranteed but we can help you find peace of mind in other ways... like organic baby blankets! Image by Jazzy Organics #organicbabyblankets #sustainablejungle
Image by Jazzy Organics

We’re jazzed to talk about Jazzy Organics and their skin-soothing, planet-pampering products. 

And we’re not the only ones thrilled about their must-have baby essentials. Here’s a comment from a customer: 

“I am BLOOWWNNN away at how breathtaking the rich colors, and how SOFT the organic cotton is. Just amazing. My six month old is loving it too!”

100% organic comfort is what’s found in Jazzy Organics’ baby clothes, rompers, bibs, sleepwear, burp cloths, bonnets, and organic cotton baby blankets.  

Available in a large range of adorable prints and colors, these fair trade baby blankets (almost) double as eco friendly decor!


The cotton in their nap-worthy blankets is 100% GOTS-certified organic, 100% Turkish-grown, and 100% free of residues and dyes.  

Supply chain & labor practices:

The GOTS certification provides some degree of assurance of Jazzy Organics’ ethical supply chain (since no workers will be exposed to pesticides and other processing chemicals). 

Their partnership with fair trade manufacturers though takes it to the next level. We’ll be reaching out to find out more.

Available: Jazzy Organics

When the criteria for sustainable and ethical fashion meet those of a zero waste baby, they fall in love, and nine months later…

Okay maybe choosing conscious brands isn’t quite as simple as the stork story, but we’ve boiled our process down to a pretty simple and understandable set of criteria.


Wrap up your precious babe in something that’s just as angelic: organic cotton. THE material of choice when it comes to babies, organic cotton means no herbicides, pesticides, or dangerous processing chemicals left residually in the blanket.

As a cherry on top, many brands also make use of non-toxic dyes. 

Supply chain and labor practices:

Think of transparency as a product’s birth certificate. It’s pretty much a necessity!

We’re happy to report that many of these brands know where their products are made, by whom, and how workers are supported. Some even go above and beyond with partnering with fair trade manufacturers or supporting women with empowering employment.    

Green business practices:

Many of these organic baby blankets come in reusable or recyclable packaging. 

Some are made with processes that reduce water usage, meaning the security of bathtime for future generations. 


We love to see gender neutral fashion trends extending down to the world’s smallest humans. 

Community & charitable giving:

As your baby gets older, they may no longer have their baby blanket, but they’ll grow up in a world that’s kinder and more supportive—thanks to actions like volunteer days, business grants, and donations to sustainability projects. 

Ready for a nap? 

Who are we kidding… you’re probably always ready for a nap these days!

At least someone is able to sleep more soundly wrapped up in some of earth’s best organic baby blankets. 

If you do find any brand on this list that leads to more consecutive hours of slumber, pass it on to any other parents!  

Speaking of passing it on, if your baby has outgrown their blanket, share it with a new parent in need. We new parents have to stick together after all… and there’s nothing more sustainable than second hand! 

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