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After the harsh judgment of the Convention, the government defends its climate law | Climates Changes

After the stern note issued by the Citizens’ Convention, the government is working to promote its climate law. On Sunday, February 28, 2021, the 150 citizens awarded Emmanuel Macron a score of 3.3 / 10, a harsh verdict that is not surprising. It follows the numerous opinions of experts and institutions that since the beginning of the year have been saying that the climate bill is not up to the task. For now, the text won’t shrink less than 40 % of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

This weekend, when Convention members expressed their anger and sentiment of betrayal, Ecological Transition Minister Barbara Pompili signed a forum in the echoes, where he ensured it yes, France is the leader of the climate battle in Europe . The facts are the facts , he specified before praising the pioneering character government and climate law.

We are not particularly surprised by the results

Despite the relentless vote of the citizens, the minister for ecological transition declared on Monday 1er March, before the special committee of the National Assembly, they took up the spirit of everything that the members of the Citizens’ Convention wanted . According to her, there is no loss of ambition .

If there have been changes compared to what the Citizens’ Convention wanted, it is certainly not to change the spirit, but to ensure that it can be implemented as efficiently as possible.

The whole weekend, Reporter tried to contact the ministry, which did not respond to daily ecology. Some colleagues were happier: in publication, about which a member of Barbara Pompili’s cabinet spoke a group effect by citizens. We are not particularly surprised by these results, he has declared. For some, this vote was a kind of political appeal […] and it’s not always easy for others to have the courage to say we disagree .

TO World, the ministry also tried to minimize the gravity of the situation, questioning the intuition of citizens’ judgment. They reacted as if the bill was the only basis for the resumption of their proposals, but this is a mistake, their goals are also found elsewhere , we pleaded.

Monday 1er In the morning of March, on the sets and on the radios, Macronie members were invited to defend the primacy of the Head of State. In the Bonjour chez vous program, on Public Senate, the deputy and general delegate of La République en Marche (LREM), Stanislas Guerini, so esteemed him this five-year period will be the greenest in history: we have done a lot and will continue to change the daily life of the French with this law that will reflect a large number of citizens’ proposals “.

  • source : Reporter
  • Photo: Barbara Pompili. © Mathieu Génon / Sustainable Reporter


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