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Agel Review and Agel Products – A Must Read

Recently we’ve been hearing about this company called Agel Enterprise. So we decided to do an Agel Review to see what all the talk is about. In this article we will discuss Agel Enterprises and Agel products.

The Company

Agel is a network marketing / MLM company that was founded by Glen Jensen in 2005. Agel Enterprises LLC was incorporated in march 2005. Their 1st product was shipped in May 2005. Glen Jensen figured athletes use gels to pound carbs right before competition or in the middle of a race. So he figured that anyone should be able to pound nutritional supplements in the same way when its most convenient for them by using Agel products. Agel Enterpises claims that they are the first company to market suspension gel technologies.

The Products

Agel Enterprises has 4 Agel products that they market. Agel products are halal and kosher certified. The 1st Agel product is Agel Active. Agel active has 3 products.

OHM is suppose to give you daily energy and mental focus and help you convert food to energy.

FIT is suppose to help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and increase fat burning.

PRO is a healthy protein snack that is suppose to help you build muscle.

The 2nd product is Agel Body. Agel body currently has 8 skin care products. Agel body mainly consist of face wash to age defying gels and moisturizers.

The 3rd product is Agel Core which consist of 3 products. EXO- helps you lose free radicals. Min which is vitamins and minerals and UMI which is suppose to improve your immune system.

The 4th product is Agel Thrive. Thrive consist of 3 produts. FLX for health joints, HRT to protect your heart, and CAL which provides calcium for your bones.

Agel Scam

Agel Enterprises is not a scam, because they sell Agel products in exchange for money. Agel Enterprises would be classified as a scam if they did not have a product that they were selling.

Compensation Plan

Agel Enterpises compensation plan provides a large range of special benefits for distributors when they achieve certain levels of performance. These benefits include retail profit, expense allowances travel award funds, team volume commissions, matching bonuses, and even a luxury car fund that can be as high as thousands of dollars per month.

Can you have Success?

Agel is not a scam. You can make excellent money as a Agel distributor. The key to becoming a top earner in Agel and recruiting distributor’s is to be a master prospector. You should be able to recruit at least 10 distributor’s a month to reap the benefits of Agel Enterprises. All the top earners master this skill. But they don’t do it by pitching their business to family, friends, neighbors or everyone they run into. To find out how to recruit people with ease and make money even if someone doesn’t join Agel Enterpises visit Matt and Kim’s Recruiting BluePrint

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