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Agricultural Runoff and Pollution Consequences

We all know that the agricultural industry is very dependent on the natural climate of the region. However, with the advancement of technology, we have been able to reduce the dependency on climate with sophisticated irrigation systems, use of fertilizers and hybrid seeds. Of late, the agricultural industry has also been linked to causing a lot of harm and irreversible damage to the environment. For example, fertilizers and the pesticides lead to water pollution and this water becomes harmful for consumption and for supporting marine life.

As mentioned above, the pesticides are large contributors to water pollution by agricultural runoff. Polluted water can have immediate consequences such as water borne diseases in animals and humans. Then there is the pollution from fertilizers that consist of animal waste. When the fertilizers enter in the water, they can have dire consequences on the ecosystem. This is because the high fertilizer content can deplete the oxygen levels in the water as a result of which plants and animals living in those water bodies can die.

There are many water bodies that are surrounded by vegetation. This vegetation that grows around water can absorb all the harmful pesticides and fertilizers that are emitted from the agricultural runoff. This absorption can lead to the death of the vegetation.

In addition, research has shown that many of the chemicals used in fertilizers and pesticides have an adverse effect on the reproductive organs and reproductive cycles of animals, birds and fish. As a result, these organisms are not able to reproduce effectively and this, in turn, harms the balance of the ecosystem.

Next there is dirt that is loosened from the ground when the soil is dug. The dirt mixes with the air and it is also carried through the water supplies. This can cause organisms living on the floor on the water bodies to suffocate and die.

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