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Are Extraterrestrials Our Spirit Guides?

We often wonder where extraterrestrials come from, who they are, and what is our relationship to them.

How do they travel those vast distances and how do they appear out of thin air and then disappear so fast when pursued by military aircraft. They seem to be traveling thousands of miles per hour, and even then, they suddenly disappear in plain sight of trained pilots and ground observers.

There must be something we are missing, they don’t seem to be following the same natural laws of physics as we do here on planet earth. If they did, they would be unable to function as they do.

I believe what we are missing is many don’t actually live in the physical world as we humans do, and they have learned to teleport and only manifest when they enter the earth’s atmosphere.

I believe we humans do the same when we come into physical form after being in the spirit world, in other words, we gather what we need to exist on earth from the elements of the earth.

Isn’t that what we do while we are in the womb?

We need to stop thinking as humans having a soul and begin thinking as a soul that has a body would think. Our thinking has become obsolete, and we have put ourselves in a box.

Our visitors come from many different solar systems, planet and realities, it’s not a one size fits all situation. They come for many various reasons and agendas.

Some wish us harm, but I believe most are here to learn about our cultures and also to guide us in our spiritual advancement and learning, not only do we advance but by us advancing in our evolvement, we advance everyone else in the universe and thereby enable every soul to eventually return to Source.

I’ve heard them tell me they are our future, what does that mean? In that respect, they need us to advance so they (we) can exist in the future. If we don’t (do it right), neither we or they will have a future.

They are here to guide us so we don’t destroy ourselves and them in the process if we cease to exist, they also no longer exist.

Even the so-called evil ones, who would do us harm are here for the same purpose.

That purpose is to teach us to stand up to evil and do the right thing, regardless of how we think the outcome will be.

It’s all about positive forces and thoughts overcoming the negative forces and thoughts we all deal with on a daily basis.

Only when we encounter and overcome the negativity and fear in life, will love reign supreme.

It is then the earth will welcome a new level of thought, the Christ Consciousness in what many believe will be the second coming.

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