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ask for contributions for a sociological survey | Climates Changes

Who is involved in the climate movement ? Why ? What are the debates that its members go through ?

Sciences Po Grenoble researchers have initiated a study to understand the sociology of the climate movement. The survey addresses different dimensions, from everyday actions to opinion on strategic orientations, including a series of debates to be decided, on the intersections between ecology and democracy, technology or economics or other social struggles. To recontextualize these points of view, the survey also includes some questions on the social profile of the interviewee and some questions on other major contemporary issues.

Thanks to the results of this study, the researchers hope to better understand the socio-political profile and expectations of individuals wearing the “ climate movement “They want to assess the points of convergence and dividing lines and trace the social and political issues generated by ecological awareness at the level of engaged citizens.

This is a anonymous questionnaire 15-20 minutes. The results of this survey will be published on Reporter.

To your contributions !

source : Send an email to Reporter
Photo : © Mathieu Génon /Reporter


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