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Baby Bedding and Cloth Diapers – Why Choose Organic?

When it comes to purchasing baby bedding and cloth diapers, you definitely want to take a look at organics. Every parent wants the very best for their infant, and organic baby bedding and organic cloth diapers offers just that.

Baby bedding and cloth diapers are particularly important areas to think of using organic products. After all, infants spend a lot of time in their cribs and diapers. It’s estimated that babies spend up to 60% of their time in bed, so you want nothing less than the healthiest products possible in this extremely important environment-and babies spend practically every minute in their cloth diapers. It’s crucial that these items are as free of chemicals as possible for your baby’s health.

Organic baby bedding and cloth diapers offer purity and healthiness. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals-and in fields that haven’t had chemicals used in them for a minimum of three years. This eliminates chemical toxins that are found in traditionally grown cotton.

Because babies spend so much time in their cribs and cloth diapers is just one reason you want to reduce your baby’s exposure to as many potential toxins as possible. Another is that, as anyone who’s spent any time with infants and toddlers knows, babies chew on everything from their baby bedding and baby clothes to their fingers and toes-they’ll even chew on a cloth diaper if they can get to it! Toxins left in conventionally grown cotton baby items go right into your child’s digestive system and from there, directly into their bloodstream when chewed on.

Many child health care practitioners believe that early exposure to chemical toxins found in traditional cotton cloth diapers and baby bedding causes children to develop allergies, asthma, and have an overall lower immunity to illnesses of all types. Whatever a child is surrounded by is not just chewed on-it’s breathed in and absorbed through their skin too. Because babies are in the process of developing and growing, they experience more serious effects when exposed to toxins from environmental chemicals and poisons. And the greater the exposure, the greater the risk for infants.

Also, another wonderful advantage of organic cotton baby bedding and cloth diapers is that they are especially soft. The lack of chemicals leaves the cotton softer and more pliable. Too, organic baby bedding and organic cloth diapers are usually not dyed. This also helps make them softer than the traditional cotton baby bedding and cloth diapers we are used to.

If you want your baby bedding with some color or patterns, look for types that use vegetable dyes. You’ll be assured you’re getting the baby bedding with the least chemical toxins available. It will still be incredibly soft.

When it comes to baby bedding and cloth diapers, organic is definitely the best choice for your baby. Thanks to society’s increased awareness and interest in environmental issues of all types, organic baby bedding and organic cloth diapers are of the highest quality of any time in history. Purchasing organic baby bedding and organic cloth diapers ensures you’re getting the safest, purest bedding and diapers possible-and fewer chemicals and toxins means a healthier baby.

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