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Bamboo Wind Chimes – The Beauty of Sustainability

A popular material used for wind chimes is bamboo. Aluminum wind chimes offer crisp tones, rich with reverberation. Bamboo chimes, however, offer a gentle, rustling sound as if a wind was caressing a field of long grasses. The light, mellow sound makes it an ideal choice for indoor as well as outdoor use.

In this day of growing concern about the health of our planet, bamboo products could be the poster child for sustainability. Although hard woods can take as long as ten to fifteen years to mature, bamboo reaches maturity in just months.

Capable of growing as much as forty-eight inches within a twenty-four period, bamboo can reach full growth in a single growing season of three to four months, as compared to the multiple years required for hard woods to reach maturity. Classified as a high-yield grass, bamboo is as strong as most wood products.

Bamboo Chimes also provide employment opportunities for third world artisans. Consider the Asli Arts collection produced by Woodstock Chimes. They utilize local musicians in Bali and Vietnam to create these handcrafted works of art. These artisans carefully select various tubes, hand tuning and matching them to obtain the desired sound. A more soothing, mellow, earth-inspired tone cannot be imagined. An example of this enchanting sound is found in the Asli Arts Horse Chime.

A recent innovation in bamboo chimes is the use of spun bamboo. Although the technique is thousands of years old, it has obtained a contemporary use in the making of wind chimes. Thin strips of pliable bamboo is wrapped around molds and allowed to dry, assuming the shape of the mold. After hand-sanding and varnishing, the tubes can be cut and trimmed to tune. Artisans can then select compatible pieces in various sizes to complete a unique, musical instrument.

Whether you chose natural bamboo or spun bamboo, easy care and upkeep is another consideration. Wiping the bamboo tubes with a damp cloth from time to time will remove any mold. In the spring, after cleaning with a damp cloth, a coat of varnish will refresh the finish as well as enhance weather protection.

As you develop your outdoor living space with plantings and landscaping, consider adding the pleasant music of wind chimes. Chimes can add to both the aural and visual beauty of your surroundings.

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