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Become a Green Consultant

Starting a Green Consulting Business is a fairly easy business to start. There are no certifications needed or anything like that although they do help establish credibility.

All you really need to do is learn how to help companies and individuals save money by “Going Green”. This can be done by doing research on the subject and figuring out money saving ideas. Many people want to help the environment, but if it will cost them more, they are less likely to do it. That is why money saving ideas are a good starting point.

When you decide to start your business, it is best to focus on either businesses or individuals. Trying to market to both groups at the same time will be tougher and won’t give you any sort of unique selling proposition. We recommend when you first start to focus on individuals as this is the easier market to crack and their are many more people that are potential customers.

There are really a few simple ideas that can help establish your business and give you credibility. One idea is suggesting customers go to windows and doors that are energy efficient. This will help the customer save money on their electricity bills immediately. Also, switching to energy efficient appliances will accomplish the same goal.

There are hundreds of more things that can be done and you can start a business by helping individuals focus on these money saving ideas that will help the environment. To learn more about starting a Green Consulting Business, visit:

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