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Break Away From Fossil Fuel

As the World tries to break away from fossil fuel they are embracing solar and wind power as an alternative energy source. At one time Solar and wind power energy was laughed at by skeptics, but now there embracing it as an alternative energy source that rivals hydrogen, hybrids, and other forms of alternative energy. Solar and wind power has become a topic of concern for top government officials in the relentless pursuit to break away from foreign oil and fossil fuel. Solar and wind power is now affordable to everyone and is available in a variety of ways to help save the environment. Solar and wind power is just not a buzzword any more.

It is a viable way for everyone to save time and money. While making a conscious effort to save the environment. Solar power has been revolutionized and new technology is allowing it to not only power your home, but to power personal devices such as cell phones, and personal electronic devices. What does all of this mean to you, I would have to say a lot? The more that we use fossil fuel on an everyday bases the less that will be around in the future. Which means that if we start looking for alternative power sources now and start using them that there will be a lot of power around in the future and if we can alter wind and solar energy why not do it? These two things will be around as long as the earth and sun are around.

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