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Bulb of the Month Clubs

Flower gardeners will delight in bulb of the month club memberships. These memberships deliver beautiful blooms bulbs right to your door each month that they can nurture and watch grow into beautiful flowers that last and last. Bulb of the month clubs are ideal for gardeners or people who have no luck with traditional plants.

There are many different flower and plant companies online that offer bulb of the month memberships. Jackson and Perkins is perhaps one of the most well known clubs. Their bulbs arrive in pristine condition and often showing green. J&P offers a three-month membership that sends beautiful bulbs to you every month.

Orvis is another flower club that sends three or six month deliveries to your front door. The first delivery arrives in a decorative basket that you can then use for sub sequential months to showcase your beautiful bulbs. These beautiful bulbs come ready to plant with instruction on how to plant them included, making them simple enough for even the novice to grow.

Each month you will receive a different set of bulbs, ranging from Merry Christmas tulips in December to Gypsy Queen Hyacinths in May. The blooms that arrive will bloom at different times and allow your bulb garden to grow and last all month long. Bulbs will return season after season if they are cared for properly. Once the blooms die back the bulbs can be left in the soil until next season or put in a cool dark area until you are ready to replant them.

Bulb of the month club memberships are a joy to give and receive. These gifts are great for gardeners, friends and family members. A flowering delight delivered to their door every month will put a smile on their face for weeks on end.

No matter what company you order your bulbs from you need to make sure you find out a few important things to help insure you or your recipient gets the very best out of your bulb of the month gift.

First, find out how your bulbs will be shipped. The bulbs should be sent during the months that they are supposed to bloom. Most flower companies send them with some green already showing to insure you that they are healthy bulbs. Find out what your options are if the bulbs do not bloom. If the company offers a return policy you should find out what it is and how to go about using it.

In the end, you should only have to plant your bulbs in the soil and water them according to the instructions that are sent with your monthly delivery. You will be showered with month after month of beautiful blooming flowers.

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