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Create a Flawless Complexion With the Becca Cosmetics Process

Borne from a woman’s desire to find the perfect foundation that covers without looking like makeup, Becca Cosmetics has been raved about in popular fashion magazines as the new way to create a flawless look that still appears natural. Every complexion can be enhanced and approved, as Becca products work well for every age and ethnicity. A simple three step process of Prepare, Perfect, and Set perfects your skin while bringing a natural glow back.


The first step is to Prepare, which is accomplished with a Mineral SPF 30 Primer. This step is very important, as it smoothes out any lines and wrinkles while minimizing pores before the application of makeup. The primer works in many ways to improve how makeup sits on the face, as well as improving the overall quality and radiance of the skin over time. This creates an even layer to apply makeup so that makeup does not fall into any creases or pores. Becca’s oil free formulation keeps your face blemish free while allowing for the primer to be lightweight and refreshing.

The primer contains several beneficial vitamins and supplements, such as Alpha Lipoid Acid, Co Enzyme Q10, and Vitamin E to help improve the smoothness of your skin while decreasing blemishes with use. The main active ingredient in the primer is the mineral Zinc Oxide, which is a natural UV barrier that protects skin from the harmful effects of the sun. In addition, there is greater than SPF 30 protection to help against acquiring burns and aging effects from too much sun.

Primer allows for makeup to become water-resistant as well. It should be applied fifteen to twenty minutes before sun exposure to work with its maximum strength, and applied again after swimming. The Mineral SPF 30 Primer is used as a base before makeup, and can be applied over moisturizer or be worn alone for a smooth and fresh look.


Step two is to Perfect – which can be done with a compact concealer, stick foundation and an optional shimmering skin perfecter. The Compact Concealer offers two levels of coverage. The medium cover can be used for most coverage, while the extra cover is for spots and blemishes that need additional coverage or a drier formula. It is recommended to only apply sheer levels to the under-eye area to avoid accentuation of any smile lines. The Compact Concealer has a natural finish, and stays put all day without any sliding or smudging.

The creamy Stick Foundation is applied over a primer as needed, or over the entire face. For a light ultra-sheer application, it can be applied with the Creme Brush #59. A range of sheer to medium coverage can be achieved, and the Foundation can also be used as a light under-eye concealer. SPF 30 allows for protection from UVA and UVB rays to protect your delicate skin from sun damage. The antioxidant vitamins A, D, and E are included to increase the renewal of collagen and the amount of moisture held by the skin.

The Shimmering Skin Perfecter can be mixed into liquid foundation or moisturizer, worn alone, or used as a highlighter. Providing a radiant glowing look, it reflects light using ultra fine mica. Dark patches of skin are illuminated, and the skin tone is evened out. Many antioxidant vitamins are included to increase collagen renewal, help in the repair of tissue, increase the skin’s capability to hold moisture, as well as protect against pollution and free radical damage.


The final step is to Set! A fine loose Finishing Powder sets the makeup to ensure that it lasts all day – over twelve hours! This smooth textured powder evens out the look of the skin to ensure that you have a demi matte polished face. Even in humid environments after use of the Finishing Powder, makeup is touch proof, smudge proof and semi water resistant. Usage also ensures that any oily feelings from liquid and cream products are eliminated, and that, instead, skin feels silky smooth and makeup free. Finishing Powder is applied after all other makeup and should patted onto the skin in a circular motion to avoid disturbing the lower layers of makeup.

Becca Cosmetics provides a quick and easy way to improve the health and appearance of your skin. The three step process allows for smooth continuous look on your face, while achieving a natural quality that seems to be nearly makeup free! With a long and varied offering of products, Becca is the perfect way to improve your skin and your beauty. Find the perfect products for your face today.

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