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Different Types of Cotton Yarns

The textile industry is undoubtedly one of the oldest and the largest industries in the world. Even though numerous types of fabrics made from different materials are manufactured for multiple use across the world, the most common and universal fabric is cotton. There are two technologies available to spin the yarn, first and the foremost is Ring Spun and second is Open End. With the development in technology, and changing need of people world over different types of cotton yarns like 100% cotton compact yarn, 100% organic cotton yarns, 100% cotton mercerized yarns etc. have been developed which are used to manufacture a wide variety of cotton fabrics and clothing. Landmark International is one such leading supplier of 100% cotton yarns which deals in high end and high quality yarns used to manufacture clothing and made-ups.

The process of making fabric from raw cotton is a long one and consists of various stages. Mostly ring spun yarns are used for producing fine quality clothing, bed linens, bed sheets, bed spreads, pillow covers etc., while open end yarns are used for manufacturing denim wear, towels, etc This is similar to treating different diseases with different medicines. Like a wrong medicine can prove hazardous for the heath of a patient, in a similar way a wrong choice of yarn will result in the creation of the wrong type of fabric or clothing.

The basic difference between the yarns is their count. Different counts are used to make different type of fabrics. In some cases, the cotton yarn is blended with some other yarn in different ratios to provide different effects like shining or to lend more elasticity to the yarn. It is the yarn count and the twisting mode of the yarn that actually determines the overall strength and look of the manufactured fabric. 100% cotton compact yarn and 100% cotton mercerized yarns have less hairiness and the fabric made from these is of fine quality are is used for manufacturing luxury clothing and bedding.

Yarn trading is a fast growing industry and for achieving success in this field it is vital to first become familiar with the wide variety and types of yarns that are available.

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