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Earth – A Beautiful, Bountiful, Wonderful and Remarkable Place to Live a Productively Colorful Life

***Our beautiful planet: Earth– Beautiful, remarkable, colorful,wonderful, and a breathtakingly phenomenal place to express appreciation for the Divine Creator- He affords us the ability of creation and grants us creativity in abundance and He even provides us a planet to live and to plan a wonderful, colorful way of living. This planet of ours is culturally diverse and enjoys diversity just as much, if not more, than you and me!

Our beautiful planet is so amazing: The ocean waters, the oceans breezes, the breath-taking mountain streams, The Great Lakes, rich,abundant,beautiful, bountiful farmland. Can anything else be as amazing or as beautiful to experience or witness?

From the beginning of time, we have been given a temporary place to stay, until we have completed our life cycle on the earthly plane. We are all merely mortal; each with our own ticking clock of time; complete with an expiration date; before we meet our destiny, demise or fate. Will we be looking up when we speak to you at your eulogy, or will we be looking down to the ground, speaking words of animosity? Seal your fate, it’s never too late to change your words, actions, attitude or to pursue your mission, goals or dreams in honesty, through legal means and ethical opportunities that are truly yours and NOT my opportunities or the work or words of anybody else, other than yourself.

Though the date and time of our expiration is unknown, we can each individually choose to excel, real well, and thrive in the time that we are eagerly, prosperously and productively alive…

*Each life on the planet is like a like a bright, bold, blaring, beaming star: Do you know what type of rising star you are? Listen to your own sweet souls phone calling or texting you and asking for you to spring into action by following your zen or passion…

(?)-Question what direction your life should take. This is the one and only true way to receive your best and highest personal outcome in response to internal questioning.:~) It is in your internal thoughts and questions that you receive the correct or appropriate response: Your life purpose is to be happy, live life productively and to greet the planet daily by doing your very best personal, individual effort in everything that you engage. Envision your dreams. Know that you are deserving to receive a blessing. ***What you perceive to be your highest calling was sent especially to you- check your mobile phone and see who sent it to you: The DM-(direct message), was sent directly from the Divine Creator.

*Be comfortable in the knowledge that you are remarkably appreciated by the Universe for all of your contributions and efforts, all the while you contributed, without payment- YET! Your progress and PAYMENT is sealed and guaranteed! Your time and effort was not spent in vain.

It came to test your commitment and your determination,along with your own innovative ways of showing ingenuity in everything that you choose to engage. You won! All of your countless, unlimited, imagined, designed and fathomed efforts are rewarded by the Universe! You worked hard! You are where you are today because of your unique,unequivocal, and inborn passion and the ways that you fashion your skills into ethical and original creations. When you design with continuous, joyful and judicious, passion you seal your fate, deserve to eat and have earned a large piece of chocolate cake, and enabled your own rewards in answer to hard-won success.

Enhance your own areas of strength by working continuously, sealing and utilizing sometimes unknown. or underutilized skills. When using inborn skills correctly, instead of letting them remain dormant, you actually release and grant yourself prosperity and accentuate more good fate responsibly! Your work ethic is leading you on the road to exponential and enormous proportions of successful outcomes to all of your desires and dreams!

*Our planet too was designed with passion with boundless awe-inspiring and remarkable appeal. An example, one of the Seven wonders of the world, the Egyptian Pyramids to name a few. The mountains, the hills, the daffodils; the ocean breezes, the Antarctic freezes, all wonderful and gloriously designed: Our beautiful,planet: Earth.. It’s one of kind, all ours and can only be enjoyed while living a life in peace, unity and enjoying the copious amounts of endless opportunities that engaging your own innate talents and passions will reward you!

Be a guide for others to follow, or desire to emulate. Live and do things in your unique way of doing them. Stop and enjoy laughing at your own silly mistakes. Know that you learn more by picking yourself back-up again, and by doing it quickly. When you’ve been hurt or exploited, yet again it’s not about how many times you’ve fallen, it’s about how many times you have risen! Listen to your heartbeat it always handles an injustice correctly, especially for you. Learn to meditate and seek justice through your faith, before ranting and raving about the dishonesty, deceit, stalking, wiretapping, Wi-Fi rerouting of voyeurs and thieves.

Be content, live life by acting or planning to live your life, like there’s no tomorrow, on this amazing planet of ours! For now, Mars is too far and cannot sustain or inhabit or help us, at least for the current moment. Until Mars opens it doors, we must appreciate and live a life on Planet Earth as if it was the only planet in the solar system…

*Recognize and realize that Planet Earth is worthy of our time, attention, and very praise worthy of mention. Show this amazing planet of ours constant consideration, care and attention. Remember to regard Earth as the vital life-giving force that needs as much love and appreciation as any other living organism deserves to feel. Simply put: Earth is alive, ours and thriving and the driving force of this amazing experience of ours called LIFE!

** I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~

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