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Eco Friendly Tips For a Greener Earth

The story of my eco-friendly island started quite some time ago. It has evolved and grown but has always maintained the common values that have become the compass to a journey that still has a long way to go. The island started with my own personal love for the island lifestyle. Whether it was Peele Island out in Lake Erie or Antigua in the Caribbean it really didn’t matter, I have always loved the pace of island time and the natural beauty that each island has to offer never realizing part of this love was with the eco-friendly harmony that always seemed to exist in these places. Years passed and the love continued but change was headed right at me and a real shift happened, I became a dad. Pretty cool, very special and my little girl was not only the apple of my eye but has also become my teacher. Not bad considering she is only in the eighth grade.

Now this is the point at which my story takes one of those dream sequences where we look back in time for a moment. As you are reading this I obviously have no idea how old you are so I will assume that what I am sharing makes sense no matter what age you happen to be. Do you remember a time when you would brush your teeth and leave the water running as you worked toward the perfect smile? We never left the water running because we were bad people or had a great desire to waste water, or worse yet were not of an eco-friendly mind, of course not, we simply did what people always did at that time without the realization that if we shut that tap off we could still get that great smile and help the Earth. As my daughter grew she was instinctively aware of waste and would seek out ways to eliminate the waste on a family level. One rule she came up with revolved around the simple fact our family consisted of only my wife, daughter and myself, therefore there could only ever be three lights on in the house at one time. One light on for each person. It’s a great idea and an easy way to be ecologically friendly as well as bank account friendly with the way our electric bill has come down. Results!

Through the eyes of a child, my love of islands has now become her story as much as mine, only her island, and mine, and yours for that matter is the Earth. The planet is the sustainable island that we all need to protect and it’s not that hard to do. The eco-friendly Island website is a joint project between myself and that brilliant little eighth grader, my daughter Kirsten. We hope you will join us in our efforts to save our sustainable island. The effort it takes to give our children a better world is not as hard as you may think. Small, green, Earth friendly ways of thinking and acting will put us on the right path.

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