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Enterprise : Livia Firth in Dialogue with Satish Kumar: “Every Crisis is an Opportunity”

To mark the commence of Eco-Age’s new series, ‘The Ideal is Nevertheless to Appear,’ co-founder and creative director Livia Firth meets peace and environmental activist Satish Kumar to discuss about the importance of planning a new, additional sustainable way of everyday living for the upcoming. 

“I felt that from childhood I had a calling,” remembers Satish Kumar, as he recounts his incredible everyday living knowledge. “I experienced a calling for a thing which merged the interior and the outer.”

Just after commencing his journey in a Jain monastery aged 9, Kumar’s knowledge is rooted in spirituality. Even though his demanding perception in non-violence began for the duration of the yrs he practiced as a monk, time invested at Mahatma Ghandi’s ashram in India even more nurtured a seed that had presently been planted, educating him a profound regard for the pure globe. 

Most likely a single of the most monumental stories from Kumar’s lifetime so much is his stroll from Delhi to Moscow, Paris, London and Washington in the Cold War decades of 1962-64. As he travelled in protest of the use and creation of nuclear weapons, bringing peace tea to the Kremlin and Whitehouse as he went, he carried with him one particular call critical information: ‘We have to make peace with mother nature.’ 

Now, almost 50 many years later on, it is this deep-rooted drive to preserve the natural planet and respect for every human, plant and animal that has brought him jointly with Eco-Age co-founder Livia Firth. When the pair meet at the Treehouse Lodge in London, it is to examine one matter that sits at the really hearts of each of their, albeit diverse, worlds of function: redesigning systems in favour of a superior planet. From the concept of simplicity as sustainability to the need for a resurgence of indigenous voices in the climate dialogue, the duo’s timely conversation displays the want for new devices when emerging from disaster. 

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