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Enterprise : Scarlett Curtis: “If the Suffragettes had Instagram” and Other Thoughts on On the web Activism

Acquiring created a 40k-strong Instagram collective and modified three laws via social campaigns, Scarlett Curtis is no stranger to driving improve online. The author, activist and psychological overall health campaigner shares her experience in producing activism accessible to all, along with her very best suggestions for those people seeking to get their voice heard in the course of lockdown and further than.

It’s our fourth week of keeping dwelling in the United kingdom, and so normally when I choose up the phone to contact Scarlett Curtis for our job interview, we can converse about minimal else. 

The feminist author and mental health and fitness activist has had some thing of a proactive approach to this enforced time at property, beginning the period of time of isolation by sending guides out to everyone in need to have. Starting with an open simply call on her Instagram website page for followers to request one of her surplus paperbacks, the initiative has in convert highlighted the power of social networks to bring men and women nearer and support these in need during these tricky instances.

“As well as retaining ourselves safe and sound, a person of the items we seriously have to believe about is maintaining our minds active and locating approaches to not just flow into on these negative views permanently,” she clarifies, when requested about the initiative. “I consider we’re all likely to have to acquire jointly on social media and try out to keep just about every other sane.”

As a person of the co-founder of online activist collective The Pink Protest, Curtis is no stranger to making use of digital channels to spark change. Her 40,000-follower strong Instagram group was produced as a space the place folks, primarily young girls, could arrive alongside one another and embrace problems all over feminism, equality and mental well being in a way that is obtainable and inclusive, turning their “energy or stress into a thing good.” Branded with the tagline ‘the revolution will be pink and posted on Instagram,’ the collective tackles problems this sort of as period poverty and FGM, pressurising the passing of new guidelines by way of Parliament by means of strong hashtag strategies. 

“There are a whole lot of criticisms you can make about social media,’ she recognises, “but I constantly assume if the Suffragettes ended up to have had Instagram, or if the Civil Rights Movement were to have experienced Twitter, they would have been the most useful resources in the world. The Pink Protest generally is effective on IG, however we have managed to adjust a few Uk rules generally just by using social media. We have this resource at our fingertips by which to spread ideas and bring people collectively to genuinely make a distinction. It is a little something to be taken seriously significantly.”

Curtis started her personalized journey into activism from a youthful age, developing up with mothers and fathers who had worked in charity her complete existence. A shift to New York cued her involvement in grassroots feminist organisations, along with running social media and articles for worldwide NGOs. No stranger to the concept of igniting one’s interior activist on-line, Curtis’ practical experience from beginning her have web site aged 15 manufactured her a organic in adapting previously unique suggestions to the open audience that will come hand in hand with sharing on the Online.

“Having that mix amongst huge corporate NGOs and grassroots activism was an incredible introduction into all the various methods that people can consider and make a change on this planet,” she points out. “Nothing gets me a lot more fired up or enthusiastic than this plan of generating adjust, and that people today can arrive alongside one another and be a great deal more than the sum of their areas.”

What came upcoming was a need to open up the beforehand special circles of feminism and activism to a broader audience by means of creating her very first ebook, ‘Feminists Never Use Pink And Other Lies.’ “I realised that what most women had been pondering was ‘I’d genuinely like to be a feminist, but I never consider I’ve browse sufficient publications about it’” she jokes, only 50 % ironically. “When you glance at the history of feminism there was a interval in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s wherever the only persons genuinely speaking about these strategies have been teachers. There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with that, but it’s just not the best recipe to expand a movement.”

“If you want to do that, you have to make items available to as numerous individuals as probable in purchase for these thoughts to definitely spread. I see a single of my reasons as opening up this motion and earning every person realise that they can be a feminist as well. The idea with ‘Feminists Do not Wear Pink’ was to carry together 52 youthful women conversing about what feminism indicates to them. It’s also just to attempting to give youthful women an introduction to this idea saying that this a very various movement, and just one that welcomes you in.”

So amid the current weather, could on-line activism be the suitable recipe for earning a big difference though staying property? And how can we get started to get our voices listened to and make a big difference, equally during this lockdown and outside of? “A ton of individuals can are inclined to really feel actually helpless when it will come to inequality, and issues close to social justice,” she appreciates some thing that significantly resonates in the present-day climate as we battle to navigate how to engage in out element in this new reality. “It’s extremely simple to truly feel like there is almost nothing you can do, and practically nothing you do will make a difference.” 

Her very best guidance? “Don’t feel like you have to start a little something your self. There are so many incredible teams out there, and if you care about one thing, google it there will be a group in your country or on the internet that is combating on that problem. Any accomplishment I’ve at any time had in this field has been by collaboration, working with and supporting other men and women who are building a alter.” 

“And start small,” she advises, once again recognising the strain on younger individuals starting up their activist journeys. “I imagine from time to time persons assume that they have to end a world-wide issue all on their own from their bed room. Not all of us heading to be like Greta Thunberg we will not all shift the axis that the globe is on, but you can make a difference, or assist somebody else who is earning a distinction. That is a seriously vital way to consider about these troubles.”

And and finally, it’s about remembering your individual values, and adapting them to what you want to do. “Everybody has a expertise, anyone has some thing they are good at, everybody has a ability,” smiles Curtis. “It’s just about acquiring out how you can utilise that in buy to make modify.”


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