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Food items : Creamy Vegan Ice Cream Recipe

Summer months is listed here, which implies a single point – ice product. Right here design and writer Danielle Copperman shares her plant-centered ice cream recipe adapted from her book Well Currently being: Recipes and rituals to realign the overall body and intellect for you to test at house.

This is 1 of my favorite summertime recipes, and these types of a subtly sweet alternative to the seriously processed, shop-purchased ice creams. Make with all-organic substances and sweetened with sweet potato and dates, it is an very wholesome and practical ‘treat’ that even now tastes deliciously indulgent. You could also insert flavourings, this sort of as cacao powder, espresso or normal extracts, or other additions these types of as jams or spreads swirled by way of the combination, or chopped nuts or seeds to increase a minimal texture. This recipe delivers guidance to make a huge tub or to spoon it into ice product moulds to form choc-ice / ice lolly variants (trace: coat them with dark or uncooked chocolate for further indulgence). 


1 massive sweet potato (approx. 300g) 
200g cashews, soaked
1 × 400ml can coconut milk
1 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp vanilla powder 
1 tbsp coconut oil
8 Medjool dates
2 tbsp purely natural syrup, optional
100g Dim Chocolate, optional – if you want to make into choc ices

Elevate it: 1 tbsp maca powder, 1 tsp bee pollen, 1 tbsp tocotrienols, 5 tbsp cacao powder (for a chocolate model), a handful of cookie dough parts.


Preheat the oven to 200°C /gasmark6

  • Prick the sweet potato with a fork or knife and then bake for 50–60 minutes, right up until gentle and beginning to caramelise. Scrape the flesh (not exceeding 300g) into a blender, insert the remaining ingredients aside from the chocolate, and mix on a large speed for 2–4 minutes, till smooth.
  • For a tub of ice cream, pour the combination into a dish or freezerproof container, go over with a reusable wrap and put in the freezer to set.
  • For choc ices, pour the mixture into rectangular moulds or ice-lolly moulds and spot in the freezer for 2–4 several hours to established. When absolutely frozen, get rid of them from the freezer and thoroughly release them from their moulds. Location them on a cooling rack and coat in melted dark chocolate. I coat them twice for additional crunch. Return to the freezer following each and every coat to make it possible for the chocolate to harden.
  • Keep both the tub and the choc ices in the freezer and remove 5 minutes just before serving to enable them to thaw a little bit.

If your ice cream sets way too icy, diligently break it into smaller parts using a knife and spot in a foods processor. Mix on the highest velocity for 2–3 minutes, right up until easy and thick, and serve as a smooth-scoop ice cream. Alternatively, you can freeze the ice cream in muffin tin moulds and blitz them in the foods processor right before serving.

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