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Forget The Politics!: These 5 Issues Are His Fault!

It often seems, politics interfere with the effective functioning of our government! Instead of emphasizing, and focusing on the true needs, priorities, goals, and perceptions, in a relevant, sustainable, common sense, manner, this nation, is currently, witnessing, a level of partisanship, we have not seen, before, in recent memory! What ever happened, to cooperation, and effectively, listening, to each other, instead of, proceeding, in an oppositional, partisan, self – centered way? Although, President Donald Trump, seems to avoid personal responsibility, and consistently, reverts to, blaming, and complaining, it’s far more important to look at the real facts. Forget the politics, etc, and we realize, and recognize, the following 5 issues, are, at least, to a considerable, degree, Trump’s fault/ responsibility! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these.

1. Ramifications of his trade policy/ trade war/ tariffs, towards China: Contrary to his apparent, focus, on the good – old days, as articulated by his, Make America Great Again, slogan/ focus, we live in a global society, and can’t revert to any, isolationist, so – called, America – First, advocacy/ position! Although, China should be held responsible, for certain issues, such as trademark violations, and human rights, infringements, creating a trade war, and imposing tariffs, has proven, harmful to this nation! Soy farmer have suffered, supply chain – related, issues, in many industries/ businesses, are adversely impacted, etc. His efforts to blame China, apparently, largely, to revert to his blame – and – complain, approach, to avoiding personal responsibility, has been a dangerous action, especially during this pandemic!

2. Polarization: Few remember, as much, polarization, in this nation, as we are currently, witnessing. In an apparent, appeal, for his own, personal/ political reasons/ agenda, and/ or, self – interest, to those, he considers, his core supporters, has created, either purposely, or, inadvertently, enabling the haters! Wouldn’t we be better served, if/ when, sought, a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good?

3. A greater economic gap: In recent memory, we have never seen, a greater gap, from an economic standpoint, between, the so – called, haves and have – nots! The fact is, under this President’s direction, and, partly, because of his so – called, tax reform legislation, of 2017, the wealthiest individuals, and largest corporations, have been the greatest beneficiaries, largely, at the expense, of the rest of us!

4. Ramifications of deficits: While the necessary deficits, created, because of the need, to address economic needs, during the pandemic, are the correct course of actions, the trillion dollar deficits, which occurred, in the prior years, during this administration, must be considered, his responsibility! While, President Trump, blames and complains, to avoid personal responsibility, it is, indeed, his fault! Future generations will be unfairly burdened, because of these!

5. Pandemic – related actions/ behaviors: Blaming the Chinese, the Democrats, President Obama, etc, are the standard, Trump Playbook! However, from his belated, initial response, to the failure to plan and prepare, adequately, to his equating human life/ public health, with economics, etc, historians, will, most likely, state, he mishandled this approach! What kind of example, does it set, for others, when he refuses to wear a mask, despite, the evidence, of how important/ relevant, doing so, would be? Every step, along – the – way, an impartial observer, would be challenged, to find, too much correct, about how this President, handled this pandemic!

Wake up, America, and demand, better, and more normal/ capable leadership, and direction! The nation, and the world/ planet, can’t afford, more – of – the – same!

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