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France has passed its “deregulation day” | Climates Changes

From today, Wednesday 17 March 2021, France lives on climate credit , alert a declaration of the Deal of the Century that brings together NGO Greenpeace, Oxfam, Our Everyone Affair and Nicolas Hulot Foundation. In just 77 days, the country emitted all the greenhouse gases it will have to emit in a year to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Until the end of 2021, France is therefore exposed to the climate , the associations conclude.

With the EnergyClimate Law of 2019 and in accordance with the Paris Agreement, the French state has set itself the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. This goal means that from 2050 France will not be able to release into the atmosphere what 80 megatons of CO2 per year, why this is the maximum threshold of what we will be able to store , specify the press release.

Covid-19 and prisons have not changed the situation. The day of the disturbance arrives this year only twelve days later than last year. France is estimated to have issued 52 megatonnes equivalent in 2020 CO2 less than in 2019, which is a decrease of 12 %, according to the calculations made by the independent company Carbone 4.

To avoid a rebound effect as soon as the restrictions are removed, the NGO call for new ambitious and sustainable climate policy measures : The state cannot afford to increase its climate debt – debt that we will all pay and already pay. It is time to act, quickly, to regularize the situation , they write.


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