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GENUINE Leadership

Although, some claim, to deserve the title of being a leader, my, over fours decades, of involvement, in nearly all aspects of leadership (from identifying, qualifying, training, and developing, to consulting, and, personally, serving, in various positions), indicate, there is far too little, GENUINE leadership! Professionals, in effectively, leading, as well as the art and science, of leadership planning, point to the apparent dearth on real leaders, today, and the negative impacts, on creating a stronger, more relevant, sustainable group! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, address, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why, organizations, must begin, to seek better, more effective, genuine leaders.

1. Generate goodwill; growth; common good: How can anyone, effectively lead others, if he doesn’t focus on generating goodwill, and the broader, common good? The reality is, organizations must, consistently, undergo, growth, if they are to remain relevant, and be sustainable, into the future!

2. Empathy; emphasis: A leader must listen, effectively, far more than he speaks! Only by doing so, will he learn, the perceptions, needs, goals, and desires of their stakeholders, and, proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! This determines, the overall emphasis, and, thus, the priorities, of a specific leader.

3. Needs: Leading is not about the personal/ political agenda of, anyone in a leadership position, but, rather, about understanding, appreciating, and caring, about the needs, of those, he serves and represents!

4. Unique; useful; urgent/ urge: What about a specific leader, is truly, unique, and helpful, to the organization, and its stakeholders? Effectively, leading, is not about posturing, or even quality intentions, but, rather about addressing useful priorities, etc. Great leaders must be ready, willing, and able, to urge others, to address urgent issues, in a well – considered, timely manner!

5. Ideas; ideology; imagination; intentions; issues: What issues, should a leader, prioritize, and how, should someone, recognize the best course of action, rather than, merely, a path, of least resistance? Will his ideas, be relevant and sustainable, and align with the core ideology, of the group? Does he possess, and use, a well – developed, imagination, to proceed, with an open – mind, consider numerous options and alternatives, and formulate viable solutions, and plans?

6. Nerve: You can’t try to straddle – the – fence, if you hope, to be a real leader! Great leadership requires a willingness to expand one’s personal comfort zone, and proceed, with the nerve, to make a real difference, for the better!

7. Excellence; endurance: Leaders needs to emphasize the utmost degree of personal excellence, and being, sufficiently driven, and motivated, to possess the level of endurance, to move, consistently forward, despite the obstacles, thrust in his way. They realize there will always be obstacles, but the difference, is whether they perceive these, as challenges, to overcome, or problems (which control and overwhelm them)!

If you hope to be a GENUINE leader, you must be willing to, expand the limits of your self – imposed, comfort zone, and try, to be, as effective, relevant, and sustainable, as possible! Are you the right person, to be leading?

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