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government communication operation reported | Climates Changes

Sunday 7 February 2020, in A press release, the Ministry of Ecological Transition welcomed the drop in emissions of CO2. France shrank by -1.7 % of its greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 compared to 2018, a result higher than the targets set in the National Low Carbon Strategy , the government announced before adding it the struggle undertaken since the beginning of the five-year period to combat climate change is beginning to bear fruit .

On Twitter, Emmanuel Macron gathered these conclusions, praising the result of an ecology of the concrete and progress .

The opposition and environmentalists denounced this complacency session and accused the executive of engaging in a pure communication exercise . Indeed, the targets set in the national low-carbon strategy, as well as all of France’s climate targets, were revised downward in January 2020. In the revised text, the government increased the carbon budget for 2019. -2023. million tons of CO2 equivalent per year on average, compared to the 398 million initially forecast in 2015, to allow France to issue more than CO2 provided.

Since Sunday the reactions have been numerous. MP Mathieu Orphelin criticized the executive’s political maneuver.

Reminder: 2018, decrease mainly due to a mild winter ; 2019: target of -2.2 % reduced to 1.5 % ; 2020: decrease for Covid. I left LREM [La République en marche] two years ago a day. I have never regretted this decision , he tweeted again.

Who welcome Emmanuel Macron and Barbara Pompili today ? Having achieved a decrease of 1.7 in 2019 %, which is just above their poor target, which was revised significantly downwards just a year ago. What they don’t say, of course. In addition to specifying that this result is largely due to the very mild winter that France experienced in the winter of 2018-2019. This communication is therefore both false and grotesque , wrote economist Maxime Combes on his blog.

It is bad to break the truth and not indicate that the 2019 goal was changed in early 2020 to make it easier to achieve (with the revision of the SNBC). The initial goal was a decrease of 2.3 %. Postponing reductions until later is not responsible , he reacted on Twitter operations coordinator at the Climate Action Network Anne Bringault.

And the journalist Hugo Clément emphasized the hypocrisy of this sequence. It’s kind of like I’m saying I’m very happy with my high jump performance after setting a 10-inch goal. , he wrote on Twitter.

This announcement comes as the government’s climate bill, inspired by the proposals of the Citizens’ Climate Convention, is expected to be presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday 10 February 2021. Monday 8 February, a report of the Multinational Observatory, analyzed by Reporter, explained how the lobbies had torpedoed the work of convention members.


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