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Green Buildings in San Diego

In today’s world it is hard not to be aware of just how important it is to be Earth-friendly through the promotion of green energy and technology. People and businesses alike are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, recycle and find ways to be kind to the planet. That concept is very apparent amongst San Diego, California builders and construction companies. Many of these organizations are leading the way and spear heading the effort to be “green” in their everyday operations, making the community of San Diego stand out in the number of buildings that are being built with the best green technology science has to offer.

One of the reasons green building is so prevalent in San Diego is because the government in charge of the area has instituted a Green Building Program that is designed to encourage and motivate homeowners and construction companies to build homes and structures that are focused on environmentally centered practices and procedures.

In addition, the Green Building Program rewards those homeowners, construction companies and builders who choose to participate. There are numerous incentives offered when guidelines and rules are followed. For instance, if a builder chooses to participate in this program they will not be charged any fees associated with the building permit. In addition, builders can receive rebates on cost of supplies and other credits when they use green building practices.

Many builders have participated in this program ands some builders in San Diego have instituted a green “division” in their business, focusing specifically on environmentally friendly products for homeowners who wish to incorporate this into their new construction.

San Diego is standing out as one area of the country where green housing has caught on. In particular, certain communities are being highlighted such as the 2,500 home community of Del Sur in San Diego. This is one complex that was originally planned twenty years ago and the focus on environmentally friendly housing has earned this community a Platinum Certification from the United States Green Council for recognition as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly communities.

There are many major benefits when focusing on green building in new construction or when updating your current house. While there is an initial expense to fit your house with a solar energy system, tank-less water heater or weather based irrigation system, there are also massive savings when your green energy based home begins to reap the benefits of being more efficient.

Studies show that water bills and energy bills are reduced dramatically. For instance, the community of Del Sur will save $58,000 per year collectively through the combined use of energy efficient products. That doesn’t include the amount many of those homeowners will receive in tax rebates and credits not only from the local government but from the federal government.

Green energy is the way of the future and it is refreshing to see San Diego leading the way. Through the use of green energy, you will not only ensure that your home or office is beautiful, but you will also make sure it is friendly to the environment.

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