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Green Business Ideas, the Solution for a Sustainable Future?

Green movements have been on the sight of societal discussion in the last 50 years, however when it comes to the individual’s share of responsibility, no one seems to care that much. We all got our excuses prepared: Some say recycling is hard to do, they do not know how to do it properly or that “Individually, you just can not make a difference”.

In a global perspective, the biggest obstacle of eco-friendly behaviour seems to be the lack of information about the issue. In 2013, spreading the message on one hand seems easy, thanks to a widespread use of social media, but on the other hand who has the time to save our planet? We live our lives under constant pressure, overdosed on information, struggling with the aftermath of recent economic instabilities.

The solution to stop further deterioration might be simpler than most people think. The contribution does not only happen by taking gigantic steps, the small ones also add up eventually. The real question is: How do we take that first step?

The 21st century requires most of the adult population to spend their day strapped to their computer but none of us seem to find the energy to learn about sustainable practices. There are a number of ways to get involved in a green cause, the individuals just have to find the ones which suit them the best. If your involvement is to take a 15 minute walk to work instead of using the car, it is fine, just do it. A pre designed framework which consists all these simple solutions require very little time and energy and can possibly have a huge impact on realizing a green globe vision.

The implementation of this easy framework, re-edified in order to suit the company as well as the employees, might be the answer we have been looking for. These simple guidelines can possibly benefit your company in numerous ways:

– It improves the overall quality of office surroundings

– It provides for the well-being of our planet

– It has a positive influence on the general mood of your employees

– If used wisely it improves the company’s social reputation

Domesticating this green business model is just the first step in reaching closer to a sustainable future. The intention is that these practices will eventually spread further than our workplaces. Once employees get to know these practises they will introduce it to the other members of their family. Forget those giant leaps, just take one step at a time.

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