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Guide to Choosing the Correct Paper

There is a huge array of paper available to buy and it can be difficult to decide what the correct type to choose is. There are so many sizes, weights and types for your printer so this helpful guide should assist you finding the most suitable, whether it be for the office or home, for everyday printing or professional presentations.

Laser, Inkjet or Copier?

For best results when printing it is important that you choose the correct type of paper for your printer/copier/fax. Listed below is a short description which should assist you:

Multifunctional – For everyday use, this paper can be used for everything from high volume copying, presentations and reports and correspondence.

Laser – Ideal for optimum performance for use with laser printers

Copier – Ideal for use with copiers and ideal for high volume copying and printing

Inkjet – Ideal for optimum performance for use with any inkjet printer Mono Laser/Copier/Inkjet – Suitable for use with any machine which only prints in Mono.

Color copier/laser – For best results when printing in colour. The recommended choice of paper when printing coloured graphics, presentations, brochures and newsletters.


Paper comes in a variety of sizes and is listed in international (ISO) size system. Sizes range from A0 (being the largest) through to A8. Probably the most common and most familiar to all is A4 size as this is what is often used for letters, memos and other documents. A3 is the next size up from A4 and is an ideal size for presentation and large graphics.

Weights & Thicknesses

The weight or thickness of the paper is measured is grams per square metre (gsm). The greater the gsm of a sheet, the thicker it is. The most common weight of paper for everyday use is 80gsm, and more professional jobs 100gsm-120gsm. Here are just some of the weights that can be found – 75gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm, 160gsm, 180gsm, 200gsm

Other Types of Paper Supplies

Prestige – Sometimes you need paper which is just that little bit special. Prestige paper is ideal for Letter headed paper, letters, CVs and any other type of important document.

Colored – Color paper can be a great way to easily organize your office documents by simply assigning a colour to a department or document type.

Recycled Paper – If you have concerns about the environmental impact paper has on the environment you need not worry as most products now conform to some sort of environmental standard. It can be found in anything up to 100 percent recycled and much of the paper on sale these days is FSC sourced.

Photo Paper – Similar to normal paper, photo paper should be treated in the same way when looking for the best results. i.e. use Photo Laser Paper in Laser printers. Photo paper comes in the following finishes: Matt, Gloss, High Gloss, Semi Gloss, Satin Matt & Photo Matt.

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