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How Green Card Recipients Are Boosting The US Economy?

The green card lottery system was mainly devised under the Immigration Act of 1990. Initially, the American society was a bit skeptical about its successful outcome. But the introduction of such a transparent lottery system has eventually resulted in strengthening the economy of this nation in various ways. The noteworthy benefits of this program are-

  1. Improved Productivity

Green cards are only provided to the exceptionally talented and highly skilled people. As a result, they are able to contribute immensely in raising the profit margin of various US companies which finally raise the GDP of the country. Moreover, these cardholders also share their job experience with the local US workers which further enhance the productivity level.

  1. New Ideas

Presently, many commercial organizations in the USA like to hire employees having fresh and innovative ideas. There is no scope to deny that the green card recipients do play a meaningful role in this regard alongside the local American workers. Besides, they always work in a close collaboration with the local staffs to accomplish any assigned task on time.

  1. Enhanced Option

People receiving these cards possess the requisite job skills in various sectors like telecommunication, pharmaceutical, information technology etc. This ultimately raises the option of the American entrepreneurs to run any profitable business of their choice with the support of these green card receivers. As such, these green card holders play a crucial role in strengthening the domestic economy of the country.

  1. Prevent Expenditure

Initially, US firms had to spend a lot of money to train their domestic work force. It was a pretty expensive and also quite time-consuming process. However, with the arrival of the highly skilled green card holders, these companies usually assign them with the responsibility to train the existing workforce. This eventually helps to save the time and money of these companies on a long-term basis.

  1. Good Qualities

People having such cards do come with a sense of responsibility, discipline, and sincerity. These values are usually reflected in their daily task accomplishment. Such good qualities are truly appreciated by the American corporate bosses as it perfectly matches with their work culture. So, they hire them to inspire the domestic workers with these qualities on a long-term basis.

The USA is steadily emerging as an ideal destination among the overseas professionals. But it is essential to obtain the green card. This will help you to obtain work and also to reside in this country on a permanent basis. However, it is not an easy task to avail this card. You have to meet the prescribed guidelines that are clearly mentioned in the website of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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