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How Homolateral Energy Could Hold the Key to Beating Depression

Very few people know about the Homolateral Energy State, but it can often hold the key to really understanding WHY you suddenly start to feel SO down, SO tired, SO apathetic, like everything feels like too much trouble, or too difficult.

In a nutshell, When a person is in good physical and emotional health, the energy in their body crosses over, from side to side, and from top to bottom, and from front to back.

But if you could take a picture of a depressed person’s energy, you’d see that instead of crossing-over, their energy appears to be stuck just going straight up and down their body, in a pattern called ‘Homolateral’.

When you’re stuck in the Homolateral Energy State:

· You operate at 50% (or sometimes, even less) of your full energetic capacity.

· You find it much harder to get well, physically, and often keep falling back into chronic illnesses

· Even simple movements like walking, which are usually incredibly energizing and spirit-raising, are very tiring and difficult to do. (When your energy is healthy and crossing over, walking is the perfect exercise to keep the energy flowing that way. But when your energy is running in parallel lines, then the effort to walk – with the arms and the legs alternating in a ‘cross-over’ pattern – is going against the current energetic flow of your body. It’s like trying to swim upstream; you get tired-out, fatigued and miserable very quickly.)

· Emotionally, you typically feel depressed, very negative and cynical about life; overwhelmed and chronically exhausted.

You can get ‘Homolateral’ very easily if you’ve been sick, injured, operated on, or been through some chronically or acutely stressful experiences. (In other words, people get Homolateral as a kind of physical ‘Post Traumatic Stress’ reaction.)

The following exercise can help you get out of the Homolateral Energy State – and once you’re out and ‘unstuck’, physiologically, you’ll find that you naturally have much more optimism, courage and emotional strength.


1) Sit on your couch.

2) Touch the same elbow to the same knee, (first using the right elbow and right knee, then switching to the left elbow and left knee), 12 times on each side.

3) Then touch the opposite elbow to the opposite knee, (right elbow to left knee, then left elbow to right knee), 12 times on each side.

4) Do both sets another two times, ending with alternate sides (ie, right elbow to left knees etc).

Remember, these exercises are NOT about feeling the burn; they’re about getting the energy to start crossing over again.

If you’re ill, or feeling very weak, you can take them as slowly as you need to, and they will still do the job.


· If you’ve been very Homolateral, stressed and depressed or ill for a while, you’ll need to do these exercises twice a day for at least 40 days, before the improvements really start to hold for any length of time.

There are many reasons we get depressed, spread across all levels of mind, body and soul. But once you get out of the Homolateral energy state, you’ll find that the other areas of your life will start to shift, too.


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