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How is Rainforest Conservation Done?

There are several different major rainforest conservation funds setup around the world, each with the aim of preserving some of the planet’s natural rainforests and stopping the destruction of some of our most valuable ecosystems. Donating money to such trusts and organisations is easy, and goes a long way to helping their cause. Many people donate online, and you can do so anonymously (or publicly) via several websites.

One of the newest strategies being used is something called ecotourism. Companies take tourists out into the middle of the rainforest and show them what a wonderful and magic place they are. Afterwards they take them to a place where the forest has been cut down, and let them know what they’ll be soon missing. Tourists are charged for this trip, and many of them also go home with a sense of guilt and a willingness to help out the conservationists’ cause.

The most recent way that people are trying to save the rainforests is by looking at what people are using the trees for (apart from wood) and finding alternative ways to produce those materials and products. For example, the rubber from trees is used for car tyres. Since there are several other ways to get rubber companies have been looking into them and persuading others to follow their example. The amount of rainforest cut down even in the last 5 years is staggering, and the world won’t ever be the same unless a stop is put to their irreversible destruction.

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