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How to Remove Rundll Error?

The rundll error is that type of error that comes when a pop up on the user screen states that the “specified module cannot be specified” or “application has failed to initialize properly”. It affects the rundll.exe files that are directly connected to the Windows registry and when these files are missing or have been corrupted the error will be generated. Most of the time, this error is usually related to malware. Users who see this error need not to worry because they can remove it and get to access the files they wanted to.

The first thing they need to do is to take note of the last file that has the extension .dll as this will help them in noting the process that generated the error. On the start menu, they should open the service configuration of their system and then type the command in the search window. Once it opens, they need to type in “services:msc” before clicking enter. The users then need to select the DLL service, right lick on the service name and then click on the stop button before exiting the service configuration.

The next step in removing the rundll error is to open the windows registry editor and at the Dos prompt type “regedit”. The process that will allow the user to get and navigate to the rundll registry is typing in the search field “MicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionrun.

Once on the registry window, the user needs to select the registry key returned as well as the value associated with it. They should confirm that the key returned is the same as the DLL file that created the error in the first place. If it is, they should then left click on the value and then delete it. Exit the registry before restarting the computer.

It is recommended that the users back up their work before carrying out any procedures on the registry so that they do not lose their work. Failure to do this might led to the loss of necessary files and the users will be forces to re-install the whole operating system. Users are also warned from seeking help from websites that claim to help in fixing this error as most of them contain malware that may harm the computer while others are just sales pitch to convince them to buy their software.


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