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Inside The Capricorn Mind

Capricorns are the practical achievers of the Zodiac. They are traditionally regarded as money conscious and usually rather thrifty. The goat of Capricorn represents the steady rise of an individual through adversity and challenges towards a better position. This is why Capricorn personalities are depicted as ambitious and focussed individuals.

The negative stereotype of this star sign shows someone who is somewhat grim-faced with a very serious demeanour. However, many Capricorns are the complete opposite, and have a zany, fun energy that draws others to them.

Capricorn is practical, disciplined and patient with a keen eye for details. You may be regarded as a “late bloomer”, coming into your own later in life. This sign can be misunderstood due to the aforementioned stereotype.

Capricorn is often to be found on their own personal quest, which may not be obvious to others looking on them from afar. These personalities are good learners, and often learn better through experience along the way.

Traditionally, these individuals are more comfortable in positions beside the king, rather than sitting on the throne themselves. They know that being the leader does not always necessitate being out in front or on show.

Because of this approach, you are not afraid of authority figures. You may be a “King Maker.” That is to say, you may find yourself the linchpin of authority, making everything work from behind the curtain. Also, this star sign is good at overcoming obstacles through a combination of will power and good planning.

Capricorn traits include a sense of justice and an innate patience. Such characteristics make you a formidable opponent. Indeed, unlike some star signs, Capricorn is practical and results-oriented. You are able to look at all sides, play the devil’s advocate if necessary, and then reach just verdict for both sides.

On the negative side, you may be prone to bouts of melancholy. This star sign can occasionally be overly pessimistic. Association with more effervescent star signs such as Sagittarius and Leo can be a good tonic and energizer.

Capricorns tend to be comfortable with their own company. Hard working, serious, stable and very stubborn this person will do whatever they have to in order to meet a goal. Their practical minds like to solve puzzles and complex problems.

Traditionally, emotional displays are not common, with others seeing Capricorn as cold or unfeeling. That isn’t the case however. Some Capricorns have a real sense of fun, and like to express their energy in a more ostentatious manner than this, although they may still have the same sense of purpose and ambition underneath.

In fact, William Shakespeare hinted at Capricorn’s mentality with this immortal quote:

“There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;”

Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3

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