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Key Principles For Building a Sustainable Family Dynasty

Gracious Living is about understanding the connection between compassion, stewardship, love, respect, and successful living. The following are some key principles you may want to add to your family philosophy (hopefully they are already there) so you can build a sustainable family dynasty:

1) Focus on what you value before you focus on the value of what you own – Scott Fithian

2) Everything worthwhile in life is created as the result of love and concern for others – Alexander Green

3) Core family values bind us while our differences are superficial nuisances.

4) At the minimum, honor the Golden Rule and treat every family member and business colleague the way you want to be treated. If you really want to help a loved one, use the Platinum Rule and treat this person with love and respect but in the manner they need and want to be treated.

5) Be a good steward of what you have been blessed with in your life. Remember that you can’t take it with you so make a difference today and leave the world a better place than when you arrived.

6) On your journey from success to significance, you will discover the meaning of your life by uncovering your unique abilities and fulfill your purpose in life by sharing your gifts with others.

As the historian Will Durant wrote in The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time, “We are born animals; we become human. We have humanity thrust upon us through the hundred channels whereby the past pours down into the present that mental and cultural inheritance whose preservation, accumulation and transmission place mankind today, with all its defectives and illiterates, on a higher plane than any generation has ever reached before.”

It is important to remember that financial success and a strong business cannot build a strong family. However, a strong loving family can build a strong business which can bring sustainable financial prosperity.

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