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Marine Le Pen presents a “counter-referendum” | Climates Changes

On Tuesday 9 March, the president of the National Rally (RN) presented a counter-project referendum that he wishes to submit to the French, for open a debate and present another vision of ecology . Environmentalism is one of the worst enemies of our environment, of this sweet France that we love , he said during a press conference held in the National Assembly at 10:30 am.

This against referendum opposes what Emmanuel Macron proposed at the end of the Citizens’ Convention on the climate, debated today in the Assembly.

A little more than a year after the presidential elections, Marine Le Pen could not miss the great debates on ecology in the Assembly. However, no amendments were tabled by the National Gathering to improve the climate law and the deputies RN he seemed withdrawn from parliamentary exchanges. The president of the far-right party then presented fifteen questions on ecology, which she wanted to submit to the French.

The 15 questions of RN.

The referendum proposed by Mr. Macron aims to modify Article 1 of the Constitution in order to specify that the Republic guarantees the conservation of the environment and biological diversity and the fight against climate change . This issue, according to Marine Le Pen, has already been addressed in the 2004 Environmental Charter.

Among the fifteen questions proposed by the president of the RN, many refer to the doctrine of localism . It is about delocalizing our production, guaranteeing our energy sovereignty, protecting ourselves from external threats that endanger our environment, limit mobility between countries … With borders as the main ecological weapon.

The far-right party would like to ask the French people these questions, for example: Would you like France to continue investing in carbon-free nuclear energy? ? Do you wish that the responsibility of the importer or distributor can be assumed in case of sale on the French market of a defective product or one that does not comply with current regulations? ?

On the other hand, the National Gathering does not want, unlike the environmental group in the Assembly, to highlight the issues of the use of pesticides, air transport, digital technology or energy renewal.

Ecologism “, For Marine Le Pen, it is” a fundamentalism that intends to put an end to the customs that are ours

The lack of seriousness and work of Marine Le Pen and the deputies of the National Rally is evident on the climate and ecology tweeted, in reaction, the deputy of Maine-et-Loire Matthieu Orphelin, this morning they put on a show at a press conference by proposing a climate referendum with fifteen questions … without having tabled a single amendment on these issues. All green deputies and senators have posted fifteen structural interventions carried out jointly , for increase the ambition of the Climate Bill .

According to Marine Le Pen, the threat is not just climatic. The threat is also ecologism embodied by some of the deputies. The president of the RN sees it as an ideology and a fundamentalism that intends to put an end to the customs that are ours .

At the origin of this referendum proposal there are two men. Andrea Kotarac, at the top of the list RN in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Hervé Juvin, MEP (of the Identity and Democracy group). In January 2021, they created the Localist Party. They judge, in their manifesto entitled Chez nous !, that The French no longer have a say in front of Parisian technocracy on the surface and you want to promote a decision as close as possible to territories, authentic ecology or short circuits .

Source: Justin Carrette for Reporter

Photo: screenshot of Marine Le Pen’s press conference on Tuesday 9 March 2021


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