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Oil Pollution and What it is Doing to Our World

Among all kinds of pollution, oil pollution hurts the environment the most. Anyone, who has lived for more than fifty years, can easily tell that the world was a different place when they were growing up. Almost all the countries in the world depend on oil for the growth of their economy. If there is no gas derived from oil, then the world trade would come to a stand still.

Oil is a fossil fuel and the Earth takes some millions of years to make it.

Oil pollution can be defined as a process of spilling crude oil into the environment. They have detrimental effects on the environment and can completely upset the delicate balance of the Earth.

Here are some ways how oil pollution occurs on land and sea:

Nearly 140 million tons of oil spills into the sea every year accidentally. It kills marine life and damages the environment too.

Ships and other marine equipment release 511 million tons of oil as a routine maintenance into the sea.

Fuel also enters the sea from land disposal units.

The amount of vehicular pollution is unaccountable and ridiculously high. Most of the vehicles do not have low emissions.

Oil pollution is occurring through air and water pollution. Highly populated countries like India, China and Russia contribute the maximum in oil pollution. Also, United States adds to the world’s largest amount of car pollution.

Gases released while burning oil, adds to the green house gases and speeds up the global warming process. It can become extremely dangerous for us to live under such volatile circumstances.

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