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Organic Cotton – Better for Planet Earth, Better for You?

There is nothing quite as invigorating as a good nights sleep. In an ideal world, we should be spending 30% of our adult life sleeping and for children this should be more like 40%. Given the time we spend in bed, choosing a few good pairs of comfy pyjamas would seem the sensible thing to do.

Another important requirement for a great pair of pyjamas is quality. Pyjamas that wash and wear well, do not fade and have good elastic that does not deteriorate, are all important factors. Quality Pyjama choices have now advanced to include the ability to choose many fabric types including organic cotton pyjamas.

It sounds nice but what are the real reasons to choose organic cotton pyjamas and what exactly is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is grown from non genetically modified plants without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. In short, it uses methods and materials that are safe for the environment.

These chemicals, which are often administered by spray, are so well travelled that they can be found in the North and South Poles and also in the Oceans of the world. The by products of some of these chemicals do not degenerate easily and build up through the food chain, causing them to be responsible for the death of millions of wildlife, particularly birds, annually. There is also a human cost, with manual labour often being used (and often children) to apply these chemicals. This work is often undertaken in underdeveloped countries where good working practices are absent. The world heath organization estimates that 3 million humans are poisoned by these chemicals each year, with many serious illnesses being the result.

It’s better for the environment too with organically grown cotton yielding soil with higher organic matter content, thicker topsoil depth and higher polysaccharide content, therefore reducing soil erosion.

Organic cotton is picked by hand and, with a much gentler manufacturing process the cotton fibres are softer. With the added bonus of no chemical residue on the fibres, it is easy to see how it would be better for soft sensitive skins and conditions like Eczema, perfect for babies too.

Organic cotton is now grown in 23 countries. Most production is taking place in India, Syria, China, Turkey, the United States, Tanzania and Uganda. The industry is seeing fantastic growth, as much as 20% per annum but is still less than 2% of total cotton production worldwide.

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