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Organic Food – What Are the Benefits of Eating Organic Food?

A hundred years ago, just before the advent of the agricultural chemical’s like DDT, We were farming as nature intended, using natural farming techniques passed down for centuries. Soils were rich and fertile and farmers knew they needed to keep it that way so crops continued to flourish. We relied on the health of the soils as the foundation of the plants health. No chemical fertilisers or pesticides were used as they didn’t exist yet. This was true organic farming.

Then it all changed, the farming community transformed into an industrialised machine with a profit mindset. From the 1920’s we began synthesising a hoard of agricultural fertilisers that increased plant growth and yield. This meant farmers could focus less time replenishing the soil through composting and growing cover crops, and more time selling their increased yield. This seemed like a great idea in the short term, but removing the process of soil regeneration resulted in soils lacking essential minerals and microbes. This gave nutritionally deficient and therefore sick plants. A peach in 1900 had 52 times the nutritional value of a peach today. Insects, being more attracted to sick plants took advantage of the situation and effected the creation of chemical pesticides. And right up until present day this battle between chemicals and nature has ensued.

Organic food as we know it today, is just farming as we did before chemicals, as nature intended. Organic food is not contaminated with harmful pesticides or other chemicals. There are no chemical additives in organic food that are typically found in other foods. Two independent comprehensive studies each analysing around 40 previously published studies comparing the differences between organic and conventional foods have concluded that there is overwhelming evidence that organic food is more nutritious. One report found that on average organic food is higher in vitamin C, mineral levels and phytonutrients – plant compounds that can be effective against cancer.

So the choice between conventional and organic food is a choice between food grown in deficient soils with chemicals and food grown in soils which farmers must keep healthy without the use of any chemicals.

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