This is a 2 bed room house developed and designed by architects that revolutionizes the provision of housing in East Africa.

The house is designed from a 40 foot container unit. The house boosts a spacious living room in the mid section, a kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms at each end.

The wide vista windows in the living room connect the inside to the outside and brings in a modern aesthetic appeal. This house can be transported easily to the site location.

The roof is designed at an angle of 45 degrees with a deep overhang. The overhang shades the external wall from direct sunlight thus helping to keep the interior cool in hot weather. The space in between the ceiling and the roof cover can be used to store water tanks to supply water to the house.

From Plug n Play Holiday House

Use of used shipping containers for housing goes a long way in enhancing sustainability and recycling of materials. This reduces carbon footprint which in turn makes the world a little greener in line with the Mottainai campaign.

Mottainai is a word derived from the Buddhist culture meaning to appreciate and conserve any available resources at your disposal through reducing, reusing, respecting and recycling resources.

Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai spear heads this campaign in Kenya.

The flexibility in ease of transportation and erection of the Plug N Play house makes it suitable for residential accommodation in game lodges and tourist sites in Kenya and East Africa.

The interior and exterior of the house can be painted to someone’s colour of choice.

For game lodge living, the interior and exterior can be finished with rustic materials such as stucco paint on the exterior, Hessian cloth for roofing,wooden windows and doors, and natural wooden poles window framing for the living room windows.

The house is also suitable for weekend accommodation out of the city for city dwellers.

Also, first time home buyers will really find this house useful.

Through ingenious spatial design, this marvelous piece of Architecture does not have to burst any one’s budget. Its price tag is very affordable to all.

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