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President, breathe new life into the Climate Law! | Climates Changes

The list of signatory civil society organizations is at the end of the forum.

Mr. President of the Republic,

Through the Citizen’s Climate Convention, you have initiated an innovative approach to engage citizens in the evolution of the law to deliver on our climate commitments in a spirit of social justice.

While the citizens’ proposals had to be transcribed into law, it is clear that the story is not there. The impact study accompanying the bill drawn up from the Citizens’ Convention recognizes that the proposed measures will not allow, as they are, the emission reduction targets of 40 % by 2030. And this, although this target is in itself insufficient given the new target of – 55 % adopted last December Throughout Europe.

Regarding the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) and the National Council for Ecological Transition (CNTE), recently consulted for an opinion on the bill, their views converge. Both are in fact concerned about the inadequacy of the measures adopted to achieve our greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, but also about the weakness of the mechanisms to reduce social inequalities. The EESC indicates it thus the many measures of the bill, which are generally relevant, are often limited, deferred or subject to conditions such that their implementation in the short term is uncertain “.

This bill largely gives way to incitement and mere encouragement to change practices, where government intervention is required.

However, the benefits expected from the measures proposed by the 150 citizens are numerous: fewer people living in energy sieves, reduced air pollution, healthier food accessible to all, an offer of mobility that emits more and more. Inclusive, more jobs in ecological transition sectors, etc.

Mr President of the Republic, by thus reducing the ambition of the measures proposed by the Citizens’ Climate Convention, you are depriving our country of an enormous potential for exit of the climatic, health, economic and social crises.

It directs our economy and, more generally, our entire society

Europe, and you have contributed to it, has chosen to anchor its future in a Green Pact and to ask itself, through this new roadmap, as a world leader in the energy transition. But Green Deal it only makes sense if the Member States, starting with France, seize it in order to anchor a new ecological and social contract in their territories, which would make the ecological transition the fulcrum of all public policies, taking care not to leave anyone on the side of this transition. The bill drawn up by the Citizen’s Climate Convention should be fully in line with this objective and allow us to orient our economy and, more generally, our entire society in a different way.

That is why, at the beginning of the parliamentary debate, our organizations expect your government and the representatives of our nation to revive the original ambition of this bill. Do not deprive our country of this new breath which it needs more than ever.

We ask you, Mr. President of the Republic, to accept the expression of our highest consideration.

List of signatories

ActionAid France – ADERAATD Fourth world – ADVOCNAR (Association for the Defense against Air Nuisances) – Acting for the Environment – Ajena Energy and EnvironmentALISÉE (Loire Association for Energy and Environment Information and Awareness) – Alliance Soleil – Alofa Tuvalu – Alternatiba – Citizen Archipelago « Dare to have happy days “- AMPER 57 (Moselle Association for the Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) – Bilan Carbone Association – APCC (Association of consultancy professionals for climate, energy and the environment) – Association la Voûte Nubienne (AVN) – NegaWatt Association – Aspas – ATD Fourth world – Attac France – Climate future – Brévenne: let’s keep the line – Plastic-free canteen France – CARE France – CCFD-Solidarity Land – CFDTCLER Energy Transition Network – CliMates – Collective responsible for digital design – Collective against air pollution in the Toulouse metropolitan area (CCNAAT) – Colibris – French Committee for International Solidarity (CFSI) – Confédération paysanne – CoopaWatt – Coordination SOUTH – Cyberactors – Click – ELISE Vendée – Emmaüs France – Enercoop – Energies & Castors – Energ’éthique 04 – Shared energy – Solidarity energy – Committed and Determined (E&D) – Entrepreneurs of the World (GREEN : Reflection group on ecology and entrepreneurship) – FAGE (Federation of General Student Associations) – Federation of Craftsmen of the World – French Federation of Bicycle Users – Peasant Sector – Abbé Pierre Foundation – Danielle Mitterrand Foundation – Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Mankind – French Youth Forum (FFJ) – France Nature Environnement – Future Generations – Ecology Seeds – Green INSA – – Greenlobby – Greenpeace – Gret – Hespul – Institute for the Development of Renewable Resources of Tarn (IDRR) – Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms – ISF Agrista (Engineers Without Borders) – The Hive of Ecology (Monts du Lyonnais) – The MANAGEMENT – Les Amis d’Enercoop – Les Amis de la Terre France – Les Ateliers de la Bergerette – The Young Ambassadors for the Climate – National League against Cancer (LNCC) – Bird Protection Alloy (LPO) – Max Havelaar France – Movement for biodynamic agriculture (MABD) – Movement for the solidarity economy – Movement of cities and territories in transition – Utopia Movement – Our Common Affair – OnEstPrêt – O ‘Watt Citizen Cooperative – Oxfam France – Planète Urgence – Reclaim – Climate Action Network – Deposit Network – REFEDD (French Student Network for Sustainable Development) – Health and Environment Network – Resilience – Ecological Renaissance – Climate Resistance – Staying Grounded – SCIC Les 7 Vents – Coutances (50) – Secours Catholique Caritas France – National Society for the Protection of Nature (SNPN) – Midday sun – Solibri – LAND (Agroecological and solidarity alternatives) – Surfrider Foundation Europe – – TaCa (Acting for the climate) – Terre & Humanisme – Transitions DD – Together for the Earth (T4E) – UFC – Que Choisir – National Union of French Beekeeping (UNAF) – French Union against aircraft nuisance (UFCNA) – WECF (Women are committed to a common future) France – Zero Waste France – WWF France

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