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Racism in America

Racism is a harsh reality for Americans. When other countries look at the sordid history America has in mistreating anyone who is not a white male they are amazed we have prospered as much as we have. This country has been plagued with a history that is certainly not one to be proud of if you are an American.

Black Racism began when one race of men (white males) took it upon themselves to exercise control over a group of people (black race) who they went to African and captured forcing them into slavery. Our history books fail to capture the true nature if this act. The cruelty suffered aboard the ships, the rapes of the women by white men at will, the desolation of the black family purposely caused by white people subjecting black men to humiliation and separation from their family and the concept that slaves were bought, owned and sold by their white masters has caused almost irreparable damage to the black family.

Consider this about Americans; the white Americans who have run our businesses, government, and the majority of wealth in this country was responsible for the slave trade of Africans.They made use of this free labor to erect buildings, manage their homes and build their businesses. Who would not want to have free labor considered as personal property and not people with rights and privileges afforded all Americans?

Systemic Racism exists because.those who run our government, businesses and carry the most influence in our society refuse to admit that racism is a problem. They have continued this disgraceful behavior for centuries and pass it on to their children and grandchildren as a normal way of life. This type of behavior has caused the racism in America to go on and on without any real change.

Other countries certainly have their share of problems to overcome but for America racism has been the one stain on our garment we have not been able to get rid of. This country has been blessed and has led the world in many areas. America has been a leader in a variety of areas but we have certainly fallen short in taking care of showing the rest of the world how to love your countrymen. We have led many charitable crusades to other countries to help them with their oppressive government that has kept their people in bondage but done a very sad job freeing our own people from oppression.

Hopefully racism will soon be seen for what it is; a sickness that must be dealt with and destroyed so our country can be healed.

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