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Recycling Worn-Out Parts of a Car

Car parts are recycled not only from end-of-life cars but also during the regular maintenance of cars. When a car reaches its end of life cycle, those parts that are intact are sold ‘as is’ in the market. Many are recycled for different types of applications. On the other hand, when parts are discarded during the maintenance of a car, they cannot be reused. They need to be completely recycled for other applications.

Let us see the various parts of the car that are usually discarded during regular maintenance and what happens to them:

1. Oil Filters:

When an oil filter needs to be discarded, it cannot be just dumped into the garbage. The reason for this is that the oil filter contains oil which contains toxins. If released into the environment, it will contaminate the soil, waterways, underground reservoir and marine life.

The recycling of oil filters entails mechanical crushing of the filter to extract all the remaining oil. This leaves the metallic portion. The metal is sold as scrap and reused.

2. Car Batteries:

Many a time a car may have its various parts functioning perfectly but the battery may be malfunctioning. At such times it becomes necessary to dispose of the battery. Disposal of battery should be done with caution as a car battery contains acids and lead which are harmful to the environment.

An old car battery can be recycled to manufacture a new one. Therefore, many battery vendors offer to exchange old batteries for new ones. The best way to recycle a car battery is to exchange a worn out battery for a new one or a recycled one. Using a recycled battery is beneficial as it is much cheaper than a new battery.

3. Tires:

Once the tires of a car are worn out, they will need to be replaced. Disposal of car tires is a problem. This is because car tires are non- biodegradable and voluminous. Hence, they occupy the precious landfill.

But, fortunately, worn out tires have multiple applications. They can be used for creating artificial turf, fuel, and much more.

4. Glass parts:

If a car is so damaged in a mishap that its windshield is broken, then it is not a wise idea to throw away the glass. This is because glass occupies the precious landfill. Broken glass is recycled to produce jewelry, counter tops, etc.

As is obvious auto parts are recycled to produce a variety of products. In order to become a part of the process of recycling, we should not be callous about the disposal of car parts.

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