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Reduce the Energy and Cost of Your Lighting Needs

Making the decision to change over to pin energy saving light bulb products can be a step towards improving your environment, improving your lighting, and reducing your energy costs. As you learn about what these products offer, you will be encouraged to use them. They pay for themselves with the money you save in future bulbs and lowering your energy bills.

Number of Pins

As the demand for pin energy saving light bulb products increases, so does the various of products. Don’t let it be intimidating to you as you shop around. Instead, consider it a means of ensuring you get what you want. Identify the number of pins so you can get a product that fits. if it isn’t going into the slot easily, don’t force it. Double check you have the right number of pins.

Some of them only have two pins and others have three. The largest selection of pin energy saving light bulb products out there have four pins. Such information should be easy to locate for any given type of product you are interested in. If you aren’t sure though, you should ask to confirm before you place your order.


Most of these products are offered both with the frosted and the clear colour. You can choose the style of pin energy saving light bulb you want. You can also pick the wattage you want. They are as low as 15 watts for an area that doesn’t need much light at all. Since the LED never gets hot, you can with a high wattage bulb and never have to worry about it getting too hot.

Estimated Hours of Life

Before you buy any pin energy saving light bulb, find out what the estimated number of hours of life will be for it. You certainly want the product you pay for to be long lasting. Most of them offer you thousands of hours. Yet there are those that can have a life up to twice as long as other similar products.


Finding the best brand out there with this type of product works in your favour. It is essential for you to get a brand you can rely on. The only way for that to happen is if they have a wonderful reputation. Evaluate what consumers have to say about the brand and about the specific pin energy saving light bulb you are interested in.

This will help you to avoid paying for something that falls short of your expectations. It will also help you to compare prices and to find the very best product out there for your money. You don’t want to pay too much and you don’t want to get a cheaply made imitation bulb that doesn’t do well up against a great brand name product.


You also want to compare the cost of such products. Typically, you will get a lower per unit price if you buy more than one at a time. Buying enough for your entire home or business to be swapped over at the same time is a good idea. Some consumers only buy a few to start out with and then when they see the benefits they will buy more.

Make sure you get a great value in regard to the price you pay for the products. Remember, it also means you pay more for them than a regular bulb but the savings starts right away. When you get your next electric bill, you will notice a difference in what you owe! That will continue every single month!

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