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Revenge of the Birds – Can Wildlife Fight Back?

Each year around Britain, thousands of winged creatures fall prey to wind farm turbines that have been built to provide us with green energy solutions. In an antithesis of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 horror ‘The Birds’, the roles have been reversed and human ‘progress’ is causing harm and death to our native creatures at an alarming rate. Current design of wind farm turbines has omitted an important step in the search for green energy – the cost to the surrounding environment. Further research had design and construction has proposed a safer option that will lessen the impact on the already fragile, native bird population.

Peaceful Guillotines

From afar and to the naked-eye, the rotating blades of current wind farm turbines appear gentle and slow. They resemble meandering white wands that lazily turn over in the distant landscape. Almost peaceful looking…almost! The reality is far from this. Those innocent looking blades are in fact turning at speeds of up to 200 miles an hour. Windfarms operate using a prop-style turbine that turns blindingly fast and is placed directly in the line of flight of many winged wildlife.

A Tight-Lipped Subject

But I’ve never heard of mass-murdering wind farms you say? The government wouldn’t fund this sort of green energy solution, you insist… Well, perhaps if the full facts were flowing onto the public we wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the greed of these corporations. In several anecdotal accounts, employees have admitted to being asked not to divulge actual numbers of bird injuries and deaths on any official reports. Not only is this a disturbing ethical issue, but potentially also an emotionally-weighty decision for these employees to make. Sure they are just birds, but imagine not only being privy to their destruction but then having to keep it a secret!

Can Wildlife Fight Back?

Whilst this sounds quite dark and ominous, clever researchers and fellow bird lovers and environmentalists have found a solution. Different wind farm design – Genius! The proposed vertical shaft turbines are smaller, produce double the amount of green energy of existing farms and are looking to be a much safer alternative for flying wildlife. The relatively shorter scope of these windfarm turbines in partnership with their vertical design will allow birds to clearly see the obstruction in front of them. Rather than setting their paths into a rapidly rotating blur, they can avoid collisions altogether.

This type of technology and design is available as a safer alternative to the current wind farm designs today. The businesses and corporations that make money off our desire to be green need to be held accountable for their poorly researched and implemented turbines. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a sequel to that eerie fiction of yesteryear – I can see the title already ‘Revenge of the Birds’!

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