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Sea Pollution – The Wonder of the Sea!

The sounds of an ocean wave can calm a soul. The distinct smell of salt air can bring comfort to the weary heart. A beer can, cigarette butt, and tar balls steal the splendor of our beautiful ocean.

I will never grow tired of walking along the sea shore. The wonderful sounds of waves crashing, sea gulls bellowing and the smell of salt air filling my nostrils always brings a sense of awe to my soul.

Today I walked along a rocky stretch of beach taking pictures and enjoying the moment then I happened upon the villain. This villain was dead but its presence remained. It had no fire but it carcass remained the same. I didn’t decade like the remains of an animal. In fact, it will remain for ever on the beach if someone doesn’t pick it up and place in a trash can where it belongs. Someone had smoked a cigarette and left the filter on the beach.

I don’t have a problem with smokers but I do have a problem with picking up dead old butts.

Not far from the butt a plastic bottle laid frozen in the rocks. The splendor of the ocean was superseded by the waste of humans. For a moment I thought of days gone by when I didn’t really care about sea pollution or any pollution and forgiveness filled my heart. However, I felt sorry for those who cannot or will not see the wonder of creation. I remember the emptiness of heart without appreciation for the gifts so freely given. I remember the cold days before my environmental resurrection. No, I am not a radical environmentalist like some but I do love the ocean.

I cannot make anyone see the wonder of the ocean. Yet, I can always remember what it was like when I was blind to the beauty of a wave. I can remember the darkness in my heart and never let it over take me again.

I am not going to point an accusing finger at those who disregard our seas. What I can say is, “but for the grace of God there go I.”

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