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Summer months Mosquito Woes Don’t Conclusion on Labor Day | Sustainable information

, 2017

The yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) can spread numerous health conditions, as it feeds on particular person immediately after human being. (USDA-ARS Photograph)

Consider it is risk-free to go outdoors without having mosquitoes bothering you? Believe yet again! Labor Working day is about, but mosquitoes are nevertheless buzzing around, waiting around for their up coming prey. This blood-feeding pest is far more than aggravating, considering the fact that some mosquitoes can transmit viruses that can lead to disorders this sort of as Zika.

According to the U.S. Facilities for Disorder Management and Prevention, extra than 5,300 Zika virus disorder cases have been noted in the United States and almost 37,000 circumstances in U.S. territories due to the fact 2015.

Agricultural Investigation Services (ARS) scientists are screening ground breaking strategies to decrease mosquito populations around residences. ARS exploration entomologist Seth Britch and his colleagues in Gainesville, Florida, examined a new technological innovation, designed by private sector, that utilizes extreme audio waves to destroy mosquito larvae in drinking water. This technology, a transportable acoustic unit, targets two main species—the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, and the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti—which can transmit viruses to humans that might result in Zika, dengue fever, chikungunya, yellow fever and other conditions.

“The unit was really helpful at killing yellow fever mosquito larvae in large plastic containers of h2o, equivalent to those people identified in establishing nations where this species is common,” Britch claims.

Historically, larvicides (synthesized or purely natural-dependent chemical compounds) are employed to handle mosquito larvae. This may possibly not be simple for men and women in establishing nations who retailer ingesting water in containers in and all over residences. Still, untreated containers harboring mosquito larvae pose a persistent public wellbeing risk.

“The new audio wave technological innovation will work and can be used in 50-gallon plastic drums of consuming drinking water with no threat to humans,” Britch claims.

ARS researchers acquire novel approaches for surveying, controlling and guarding people from nuisance mosquitoes and individuals that transmit harmful pathogens, states Kenneth Linthicum, director of the ARS Centre for Health-related, Agricultural, and Veterinary Entomology. Exploration incorporates powerful repellents, technologies to protect against mosquito reproduction, novel baits to lure and kill mosquitoes, and normal solutions to deter them.  

Though summer season has formally finished, mosquitoes may dangle all around a bit longer—as long as temperatures hover close to 60 levels. 

What can you do to safeguard you from mosquitoes when exterior? Linthicum implies sporting mosquito repellent and clothing that minimizes exposed skin and draining all standing water in containers, such as flower pots, in the vicinity of your home. In addition, you can have a pest regulate business spray to aid maintain bugs and mosquitoes away.

View our YouTube online video to study about other ARS mosquito study initiatives.

Herb Nyberg operating a device and Tom Swan measuring exposure time
Herb Nyberg (proper) of New Mountain Innovations operates a unit developed to use audio waves to eliminate mosquito larvae in h2o, even though Tom Swan (still left), a Fulbright Scholar collaborator, measures publicity time. USDA-ARS technician Robert Aldridge (background) prepares mosquito larvae for the up coming demo. (USDA-ARS Photo)
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