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The Best Natural, Truly Organic Perfumes

What makes a great perfume? If you were to ask anyone, they’d tell you the scent is what makes the perfume great. Perfumes today have deviated from the natural, great perfumes that once were to the synthetic varieties that exist today. Luckily, natural perfumes still do exist today, some of them even being organic.

Synthetic perfumes often cause headaches because of the artificial ingredients that are included in them. For the perfume industry, it is far cheaper to create these more cost effective fake ingredients, at the expense of you. Toxic ingredients like phtalates, benzene derivatives, and Propylene glycol are often included in this mix of fillers and fixatives.

Natural, organic perfumes differ from their synthetic counterparts in many ways, but perhaps most notably is the authenticity of the scent. Once you realize the difference between natural and synthetic, there will be no going back for you. There’s really no comparison, and the synthetic varieties of perfume will seem a distant memory. Have you ever truly smelled a perfume that has been infused with vanilla or bergamot, or have you only smelled a scientifically replicated version of the scent? Smelling real perfume for the first time can be likened to tasting fresh herbs for the first time (versus dried herbs). Once you taste the difference, there’s no substitutions, and you likely won’t want to go back.

The best organic perfumes will proudly disclose all of their ingredients, and tell you which of the ingredients are indeed organic. If there are a couple of ingredients that aren’t organic, that could be that the organic version doesn’t exist, or is too expensive to include in the product. Organic and natural perfumes can be hard to find in stores, but are more readily available online. The perfume industry hasn’t embraced the idea of replacing synthetics with real ingredients (why interrupt their steady stream of profits?), so your best bet is to do some online shopping (visit the links at the bottom of this page for some truly organic perfumes that disclose the ingredients, and can be shipped right to your door).

Natural perfumes also have the benefit of being able to be combined with other perfume scents. When you get tired of one scent, you can mix it up with another and layer the way that you like it. With synthetic perfumes, the results of doing this can be disastrous, but not with natural scents. The scents are lighter, causing less headaches, less irritation, and less exposure to chemicals.

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