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the examination in the National Assembly is about to fail | Climates Changes

Wind of anger among the opposition parliamentarians. Not only is the Climate Law akin to a pale copy of the Citizens’ Convention proposals, but its examination in the National Assembly is likely to fail. His trial is completely out of step with the democratic ambitions he had set for himself, denounce the deputies of ecological sensitivity. We show some respect for the work of the 150 citizens for nine months and leave the opportunity to the parliamentarians to rise to the challenge “, asked deputy Matthieu Orphelin twitter.

In question ? The choices of the parliamentary majority, in complicity with the government. They plan to use the scheduled legislative time. A procedure that allows to fix in advance the duration of the examination of a text in session, to avoid that the debates drag on. Each parliamentary group is assigned an overall speaking time which it can use as it sees fit, but which it cannot exceed. For France Insoumise MP, Mathilde Panot, the procedure reduces debates […] and expedite the examination of the account. It is a new blow to the proposals of the 150 citizens , wrote in a letter to Richard Ferrand, the president of the National Assembly.

With the expected legislative time, even elected representatives who are not members of a parliamentary group are deprived of speech. Incidentally, this process aims to silence unregistered environmental parliamentarians “, Estimates the former Minister of the Environment Delphine Batho.

Opposition MPs also criticize the date for tabling amendments, which is set for February 25, 2021. That is, one day before the start of the last session of the Citizens’ Climate Convention. No parliamentarian will be able to use it as inspiration to propose amendments to committee. , Delphine Batho regrets. This decision was not left to chance. Citizens are increasingly virulent against the government and their final session risks turning into a fist fight for Emmanuel Macron.

Worse still, in parallel with the examination of the draft law on climate in a special commission, the constitutional bill, deriving from the proposals of the citizens’ convention, will be held simultaneously in session. Calendars overlap and Members interested in these two bills will not be able to duplicate them “, recalls Mathilde Panot of France Insoumise. MPs don’t have their hologram yet “, jokes Delphine Batho.


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