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The future climate law is not up to the task, judges the ESEC | Climates Changes

As a result of the proposals of the Citizens’ Convention, the draft climate law that will be presented on 10 February 2021 in the Council of Ministers and then debated in the National Assembly in March, is not up to the objectives, believe the members of the Economy Council, social and environmental.

On Wednesday 27 January 2021 they returned their opinion in plenary, in the presence of Minister Emmanuelle Wargon. They remembered it France is not on planned trajectories to reduce its national emissions and carbon footprint, both in terms of international commitments and national targets .

The government had asked Citizen’s Climate Convention to find measures to reduce the 40 % of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Citizens have proposed 149 proposals that the executive unveiled and watered down during the autumn.

Unsurprisingly, the result is there. Compared to the objectives, the many measures in the bill, considered one by one, are generally relevant but often limited, often postponed, often subject to conditions that doubt their implementation in the short term. Furthermore, the rare impact estimates provided show their inadequacy , members of the EESC in a stern notice.

They ask the government to do it consistency . Tell this account Sign in in the national low-carbon strategy aiming at carbon neutrality in 2050, is an abuse of language , continue. Moreover, according to them, due to lack of financial means, several measures will remain a dead letter.

To progress , the EESC makes several recommendations and asks the government to return to the original philosophy and the work of the 150 citizens, who in their report proposed various transformative measures. While the issue of advertising was left out by the executive, the EESC invites parliamentarians to reconsider the matter when examining the text.

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